Weirdness abounds… WTF 2/10


    Weirdness abounds… I mean some really weird ass shit going down these day… yeah… like when is it not weird… Still… Emotional rescue… Saw this in the media the other day… a cop wants money for the stress of killing a citizen… A Chicago cop who shot and killed a supposedly mentally ill … Read more

WTF 12/30… Another year over… a new year to begin


                It’s almost time for another year over and a new one to begin… so… before I even get into today’s column… the last one for 2015… let me say I wish that however good or bad your year was that the new one is full of more … Read more

WTF 10/14: Mercy and Justice…


      Mercy, mercy, mercy… Got stuff on my mind that I need to air out and it’s coming out come hell or high water… it starts as a manifesto type of warning to ya’ll… and… then gets into stuff like justice, mercy… and… … it starts right here and now… Fear itself… People … Read more

WTF, April 8… UConn, BABY!


    Go UConn… I live in Connecticut.. Southern Connecticut to be exact… we have no Major League sports in our state. Being caught between the Boston metro area and the NYC metro area, its hard for major league teams to really exist in Connecticut. So, what happens is the state gets divided between rooting … Read more

NCAA Sweet 16: Part I

Sweet 16bshirt

I went 23-9 in the first round, and made it to the Shreveport Times Media Bracket (as an 11 seed, but still) So, how will I do this weekend? Lets break the Sweet 16 Down. MIDWEST Wichita State I missed on this one, I thought Kansas Pride would push them through here, now that Wichita … Read more

NCAA Bracket Predictions: West

ncaa Bracket

  Welcome to my NCAA West Regional bracket. Note: If you want to challenge me and the writers here, then head over to Yahoo and see how you do NCAA West Regional 1 Wisconsin vs 16 Coastal Carolina Much as I love my Carolina Squads, I have to go with the Stinkin Badgers. 8 Oregon … Read more

BCS Buster Special: NIU Miami-Bound in Final 2012 Rankings

Dave Doeren has already run off to NC State, but he left behind the opportunity of a lifetime as his former Huskies begin preparing for an Orange Bowl showdown versus Florida State...

It’s the question on everybody’s mind after the final BCS rankings came out on Sunday night: How could a school that was completely off the radar two weeks ago now be among the top 15 teams in the nation? How did a one-loss MAC school earn its way into the BCS? As the numbers came … Read more

BCS Buster Special Edition: Scenarios for a Bulldog Berth

If one of these two scenarios transpire, we could very well see Colby Cameron and the Bulldogs launched into a BCS Buster qualifying spot...

We enter the final few weeks of the regular season with one final hope to bust into the BCS from the non-AQ leagues. And it could be the final chapter in the illustrious history of a mid-major that has long been a thorn in the side of the college football establishment. Louisiana Tech holds a … Read more