Martin Luther King Jr… 1/15

January 15, 2018 Joe Cantiello 1

In remembrance of… (with love and respect) … I wrote this four years ago on his day back then… the “his” is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. …. It still holds true for me to […]


Wrestling Roundtable

October 15, 2015 Stephan 0

Its time to get some expert opinions on the world of professional wrestling. It is time for the Wrestling Roundtable. We welcome you back to the greatest part of your Thursday morning, as our brains […]


WTF 9/16… Respect…

September 16, 2015 Joe Cantiello 1

      (Bramhall editorial cartoon for September 15, 2015) RESPECT… This week it’s all about respect… given and denied… 9/11 stuff… Adrian Grenier is a name known to me only because I see it, […]


WTF… Special Edition

December 13, 2013 Joe Cantiello 1

I wanna speak on an issue that recently came up and then let it rest… Recently, in a another space on this web location another writer sorta, kinda, took our fearless leader, his Prezness Barack Obama, […]