Drugs, Sex & Guns… WTF 6/29

June 29, 2016 Joe Cantiello 0

Drugs, sex and guns… Got your attention? Good. Now try putting down the paraphernalia and extrasensory perception “enhancers”… in what ever form it exists… down and using something called your grey matter and read this… […]


WTF 3/11… Stop the hate now…

March 11, 2015 Joe Cantiello 6

  It’s getting crazy out there… really! We supposed to be all about this advanced civilization in these yew nited states but been reading the news lately? … It ain’t pretty.  Word… can we just stop […]


Musings From the Bench

June 9, 2014 Jane Gray 3

I rarely watch the morning news shows, mainly because I’m still sleeping while they’re on the air. But Thursday morning, June 5th, I woke early and switched on Good Morning America. They had a live […]


WTF… June 4, 2014

June 4, 2014 Joe Cantiello 3

          1) On Monday (6/2) I read about this 4-year girl, Desirae Cechine, who a very sick little child. Just 3 months ago her toughest choice in life was whether she […]