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Movie Review: Diary of the Dead

January 11, 2018 David Snipes 0

I hate found footage film. I hate shakey-cam more. I hate preachy writing even more. I got some preachy last movie, and it kind of killed a great job by most of the film’s crew. […]

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Movie Review: Land of the Dead

January 3, 2018 David Snipes 0

When I first started re-watching Land of the Dead, I didn’t really remember it. I saw it when it first hit DVD and I remembered this is when the bloom came off the Romero Rose […]


NFL Sunday Predictions

January 6, 2017 David Snipes 0

New York Giants at Green Bay Packers Bill: We’ve seen this one before and it could definitely go either way. I’m not confident in OBJ suddenly getting his shit together to be the big name […]


NFL Picks, Week 5

October 8, 2015 David Snipes 0

NFL Picks NFL Picks We did a little better this week, even with the unanamous picks going 5-3, as no one saw the Wash/Chi/Rams coming through, and if we could have gotten to Vegas with […]



August 1, 2013 Roundtable 0

Welcome to the NFL Roundtable! With the season coming up, lets start going over the teams, One question per team! Lets kick it off with the Northern Divisions. Lets throw it to EJ and David. […]