Happy Cinco De Mayo wrestling fans for another round of questions and answers by you fans. Feel free to shoot me a question on Twitter @StephanHall, #ask7pound. I will answer your questions right here every Tuesday. First lets start with David’s Top Ten Managers. We have made it all the way up to the #1 manager, … Read more

Brain Droppings: WTF Response on Obama and Rudy


Ok, So Appleseed wants my thoughts on last Wednesday’s always excellent WTF column. I’ve never been one to deny giving my opinion on matters or to back down from a challenge so . . . 1) Rudy. I have a problem with Rudy Giuliani . He does a lot of things that make a lot … Read more

NCAA Bracket Predictions: East

ncaa Bracket

Welcome to my NCAA East Regional bracket. Note: If you want to challenge me and the writers here, then head over to Yahoo and see how you do NCAA East Regional 1 Villanova vs 16 Lafayette Villanova must be loving the ACC- since both teams lost before the finals, they get a one seed. They … Read more

Things on my Mind: Oklahoma and the World Series


This will be along the lines of the WTF column and musings from the bench. I have thought about doing something like this for a while but I was having technical difficulties even doing the simplest of post on 7pound so I just let this sit on the back burner and simmer a bit. However, … Read more

Missouri Execution Postponed: State loses Man-Card

Michael Taylor

I know I know, WTF is normally Joe’s doing, and lord knows I don’t even want to walk into that chipper that is his Brain. But seeing this, I just had to say to myself WTF. Ok. Lets review the Facts. This is Michael Taylor. This man kidnapped, raped and stabbed to death a 15 … Read more

NFL Mock Draft Part III


Welcome to the Mock Draft! This year, Archie and David are doing things a bit different, Archie is playing GM for the AFC teams and David is doing the same for the NFC. Day 1 Here Day 2 Here 13. Tampa Bay Bucs Needs: T-Bay plays Matt Ryan, Drew Brees and Cam Newton twice a … Read more

BCS Buster Special: NIU Miami-Bound in Final 2012 Rankings

Dave Doeren has already run off to NC State, but he left behind the opportunity of a lifetime as his former Huskies begin preparing for an Orange Bowl showdown versus Florida State...

It’s the question on everybody’s mind after the final BCS rankings came out on Sunday night: How could a school that was completely off the radar two weeks ago now be among the top 15 teams in the nation? How did a one-loss MAC school earn its way into the BCS? As the numbers came … Read more