NFL Week 12

November 22, 2017 David Snipes 0

Everyone missed the Chefs, Rams but got the Saints, Pats and Eagles. David won for the second time this year to pull within a game of the lead, and Bill had a solid week to […]


NFL Picks Week 13

December 1, 2016 David Snipes 0

The Panel had a monster week, even without the Madden Turducken, with only one person having a miss the entire Turkey Day.  The Unanimous picks went 8-0, and only someone picking Carolina to got for […]


NFL: Week 14 Picks

December 6, 2013 Bill Golamb 0

Welcome to the Week 14 Picks! David Rides his singular pick of the Jaguars to first place for the week with a 13-3 week, with EJ coming up in second place at 12-4, but still […]


Week 13 Picks

November 28, 2013 Bill Golamb 0

Welcome to the Week 13 picks, as we come into the home stretch of the NFL season. Last week was a horrid week for the writers, where we almost look like ESPN pickers, with EJ […]


Week 12 Picks

November 21, 2013 Bill Golamb 3

Welcome to the Week 12 Picks!  Not to bad a week for half the panel going 11-4, and a 4-0 on the unanimous picks. Week 12 Picks EJ Stephen David Archie DJ Bill  New Orleans […]