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Mar 25

Sweet Sixteen picks

WARNING: I SUCK AT THIS I got 30 picks right in one bracket, and 31 in the other, so I suck at this. I just went too much chalk and read way too many experts. I’m DEAD LAST in the 7poundbag group, and 3 of my Final Four teams are gone. So whatever you do, …

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Mar 20

March Madness Thoughts and Selections.

My Brackets Done. I buy the USA Today two days a year, the day after the tourney comes out and the Super Bowl edition. Yeah, I’m part of the reason why Papers are dead. But USA Today does one heckuva job (Normally) in giving me the stats and breakdown of the teams. So just for …

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Apr 05

NCAA RT- Final Four

Welcome to the Final Four Roundtable! We are down to the final four panelists as well, as Earl “Syracuse” Brewster, Archie “Michigan” Williams and Bill “Wichita” GoLamb join David “UNC” Snipes to break down the final weekend, and even talk Rutgers. 1. Should the ACC be proud that they are getting 2 Final Four Programs …

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Jan 03

Another Shift in the Conference Sands

The seven basketball-geared Catholic schools of the Big East bolted the league en masse, rendering the conference obsolete for all intents and purposes. Of the eight teams that played in the football league in 2012, at least four are headed elsewhere in the next two years — Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Louisville to the ACC and …

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Dec 03

BCS Buster Special: NIU Miami-Bound in Final 2012 Rankings

It’s the question on everybody’s mind after the final BCS rankings came out on Sunday night: How could a school that was completely off the radar two weeks ago now be among the top 15 teams in the nation? How did a one-loss MAC school earn its way into the BCS? As the numbers came …

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Nov 15

BCS Buster Special Edition: Scenarios for a Bulldog Berth

We enter the final few weeks of the regular season with one final hope to bust into the BCS from the non-AQ leagues. And it could be the final chapter in the illustrious history of a mid-major that has long been a thorn in the side of the college football establishment. Louisiana Tech holds a …

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