NBA RoundTable

October 4, 2017 Todd 0

Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. As pre-season is under way Im sure just me everyone is excited to finally see this new rookie class play some real basketball. The talking is over. This […]


NCAA Week 2 Picks

September 14, 2017 David Snipes 0

Welcome to our first week of NCAA Picks! What I tried to give the panel is each ranked vs ranked game, plus at least one from each major conference, so some weeks there will be […]


NCAA Bracket Predictions: East

March 17, 2015 David Snipes 0

Welcome to my NCAA East Regional bracket. Note: If you want to challenge me and the writers here, then head over to Yahoo and see how you do NCAA East Regional 1 Villanova vs 16 […]


Sweet Sixteen picks

March 25, 2014 David Snipes 1

WARNING: I SUCK AT THIS I got 30 picks right in one bracket, and 31 in the other, so I suck at this. I just went too much chalk and read way too many experts. […]


NCAA RT- Final Four

April 5, 2013 Roundtable 3

Welcome to the Final Four Roundtable! We are down to the final four panelists as well, as Earl “Syracuse” Brewster, Archie “Michigan” Williams and Bill “Wichita” GoLamb join David “UNC” Snipes to break down the […]


Another Shift in the Conference Sands

January 3, 2013 Zach Bigalke 2

The seven basketball-geared Catholic schools of the Big East bolted the league en masse, rendering the conference obsolete for all intents and purposes. Of the eight teams that played in the football league in 2012, […]