NFLRT 2/23

February 23, 2018 Joe Cantiello 0

  This week’s questions and discussion… 1) AJ McCarron won his grievance against the Bengals, and as of March 14, will be unrestricted free agent. In your opinion will there be a big market for McCarron? […]



February 9, 2018 Joe Cantiello 0

This weeks questions and discussion… 1) What is your opinion of Washington trading for Alex Smith? Good, bad or indifferent? Why? Chad: I am indifferent, as there is enough to see in Patrick Mahomes to see if […]


NFLRT 1/19

January 19, 2018 Joe Cantiello 0

  This week’s questions and discussion… 1) Jon Gruden was recently hired as the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders new coach. Shortly after the hire, “rumors” surfaced that Gruden was hired even before the they fired their present […]


NFL News & Views @ NFLRT 7/21

July 21, 2017 Joe Cantiello 0

  This week’s questions…  1) Former NFL player Damien Woody recently appeared on ESPN and said he is in favor of guarantee contracts like they have in the NBA and MLB for all NFL players.  […]


NFL Free Agent Shopping List Part I

January 25, 2016 David Snipes 3

With no legitimate NFL football this weekend, thought I would turn to the free-agent shopping list. Here are the top 7 players at each position, and I am only counting unrestricted free agents.  Yes, I […]