WTF 11/8

November 8, 2017 Joe Cantiello 0

307 Mass murders and counting… There has been another mass murder in America. This time in a church, during Sunday Services, in some small rural Texas town called Sutherland Springs. This time at least 26 […]


Protest Blues & trumped tax @ WTF 10/5

October 5, 2016 Joe Cantiello 0

  Protest blues got me down again… When Colin Kaepernick began his protest against injustice in America… particularly against racism and Blacks being killed by cops… by not standing for the national anthem, the Bamster […]

Movies / TV

Movie Review: Circle (2015)

August 22, 2016 David Snipes 0

Circle begins in a weird way. A bunch of people are standing on red dots, around a globe in the middle of the room. If a person steps off their circle, touches another person, a […]


Weirdness abounds… WTF 2/10

February 10, 2016 Joe Cantiello 0

    Weirdness abounds… I mean some really weird ass shit going down these day… yeah… like when is it not weird… Still… Emotional rescue… Saw this in the media the other day… a cop […]