Wrestling Roundtable

May 19, 2017 Stephan 0

Hey there Wrestling fans and welcome to a very special edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. Frosh and I thought because the March Madness tournament went over so well, we should do it for the tag […]


Pounding 7’s

September 26, 2016 Stephan 0

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome once again to the most controversial rankings in the land. This is Pounding 7’s. This week, we give you a very exclusive club, simply because there are not that […]



June 13, 2016 Stephan 0

Hello again to all the wrestling fans out there world wide, and welcome to the greatest Q&A on the planet, THIS..is #ask7pound. This week we touch base on one of the premier factions in the […]



February 10, 2015 Stephan 0

Its that time again wrestling fans. #ask7pound is back for another round of questions and answers. This week we are asked about wrestlers who switch companies. But first it is time for David’s top ten […]