MLB News & Views @ MLBRT 12/21

December 21, 2017 Joe Cantiello 0

  This week’s questions and discussion… 1) Last week a video/news report on reported that Dan Le Batard wanted MLB commissioner Rob Manfred to come on his show and explain “why he let Derek […]


MLB News & Views @ MLBRT 11/2

November 2, 2017 Joe Cantiello 0

  This week’s questions… 1) The New York Yankees have decided to move on from Joe Girardi as their manager. His contract expired at the end of this month and they announced they will not […]


Matt Wieters news & more @ MLBRT 2/23

February 23, 2017 Joe Cantiello 0

Where will Matt Wieters ultimatley wind up? First, the crew makes their best guesses… and… then…. we finally find out… It’s all happening in today’s Roundtable… 1) Catcher Matt Wieters is one of a very […]


Cubs win @ MLBRT

November 10, 2016 Joe Cantiello 0

    Cubs win… … in a classic World Series and now the Round Table crew offers some thoughts about what went down… 1) It’s over… the Cubs win and they have broken the so-called curse. […]


MLB midsummer break… MLBRT 7/14

July 14, 2016 Joe Cantiello 0

Midsummer break time! All-Star game time. The regular season is on hiatus. So… as we are at the midsummer baseball break let’s ask some very subjective but maybe interesting questions about MLB in 2016… Starting […]