Thoughts from the Left Coast

November 9, 2016 Zach Bigalke 1

I didn’t vote for Clinton. I didn’t vote for Trump. Waking up this morning, I feel neither guilt nor excitement for the way the election played out last night. Here in Oregon, my vote ultimately […]


WTF 3/18… For what it’s worth…

March 18, 2015 Joe Cantiello 11

  Back in the day… during the time when I was a young idealist kinda sorta radical… there was this song… For What It’s Worth… that I think… considering what all I been hearing, seeing and been reading lately…needs some […]

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First Ever: Current Events Roundtable

January 9, 2013 Stephan 1

A little change to the 7poundbag arsenal. We are introducing a Current Events Rountable discussion. These five questions are answered by myself, David, EJ, and introducing Monique* to the discussion. In our first round of […]

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Presidential Politics

November 6, 2012 David Snipes 2

  I’ve never been stumped by a Presidential Election. I love history, and Politics is a close favorite, to be honest, I’d rather read about Joe Kennedy in 1960 than anything JFK did other than […]