BCS Buster Special: Why Louisiana Tech Isn’t Bowling in 2012

Colby Cameron and the most prolific offense in the country won't be bowling this year despite a 9-3 record after a gamble by the Louisiana Tech athletic department was trumped by NIU's inclusion in the BCS.

One team’s BCS Buster dreams became another team’s absolute nightmare… and no, we’re not talking today about Oklahoma falling to a Cotton Bowl battle against Texas A&M instead of playing in the Sugar Bowl against Florida. The Sooners still got a marquee matchup against an SEC school, one that will get top billing in a … Read more

BCS Buster Special: NIU Miami-Bound in Final 2012 Rankings

Dave Doeren has already run off to NC State, but he left behind the opportunity of a lifetime as his former Huskies begin preparing for an Orange Bowl showdown versus Florida State...

It’s the question on everybody’s mind after the final BCS rankings came out on Sunday night: How could a school that was completely off the radar two weeks ago now be among the top 15 teams in the nation? How did a one-loss MAC school earn its way into the BCS? As the numbers came … Read more

BCS Buster Power Rankings: 2012 Week 13 Rankings


Normally, by this point of the season, this has become purely a Power Ranking of the non-AQ teams. Either a team has established itself as a BCS Buster, or they have not… 2012 wasn’t destined to be like the others. With a playoff lingering just two years down the road — and the stipulation that … Read more

BCS Buster Power Rankings: 2012 Week 12 Rankings


It wasn’t just the championship dreams of BCS leaders Kansas State and Oregon that died this weekend. Barring even more chaos, we’ve officially come to a purely academic point in the BCS Buster Power Rankings in 2012. Utah State went to Ruston and ended the BCS Buster dreams that would have given a dying conference … Read more

BCS Buster Special Edition: Scenarios for a Bulldog Berth

If one of these two scenarios transpire, we could very well see Colby Cameron and the Bulldogs launched into a BCS Buster qualifying spot...

We enter the final few weeks of the regular season with one final hope to bust into the BCS from the non-AQ leagues. And it could be the final chapter in the illustrious history of a mid-major that has long been a thorn in the side of the college football establishment. Louisiana Tech holds a … Read more

BCS Buster Power Rankings: 2012 Week 11 Rankings


If the WAC wants to write a fairy-tale ending in its final year of existence, it must avoid cannibalizing itself. Statement games in the next two weeks will decide the conference crown one last time, and they could also decide the fate of the last standing non-AQ hope for a BCS berth. Other teams and … Read more

BCS Buster Power Rankings: 2012 Week 10 Rankings


We are left to wonder what might have been after a wild first weekend of November left the hopes of BCS Busters reeling. The most legitimate candidate of 2012 (according to the polls) suffered its usual midseason conference swoon, while the best candidate (according to their resume) is left to hope for further shakedowns in … Read more

BCS Buster Power Rankings: 2012 Week 9 Rankings


When Ohio lost to the RedHawks on Saturday, it eliminated the last undefeated non-AQ team from the discussion. Usually that would mean we’ve reached the academic part of the season for the BCS Buster Power Rankings, where all we have to do is decipher which teams are better relative to one another and would have … Read more

BCS Buster Power Rankings: 2012 Week 8 Rankings


The only remaining undefeated team among the non-AQ conferences had no chance of blemishing its record this weekend, as the Bobcats enjoyed their bye week sporting a 7-0 record. Ohio entered the first BCS standings of the season at #27, ranked one spot ahead of Big Ten leader Michigan. Could the Bobcats bust the BCS? … Read more

BCS Buster Power Rankings: 2012 Week 7 Rankings


Life interfered with my ability to get out the BCS Buster Power Rankings last week, so we’ll have to go into some extra depth. As the first compilation of BCS standings is officially released this Sunday, it seems a proper time to assess just where the teams in the hunt might legitimately lie. We saw … Read more

BCS Buster Power Rankings: 2012 Week 5 Rankings


One team just keeps extending its lead on the BCS Buster pack as teams jockey for position in the hunt for a big-game berth. Once again that team didn’t even receive the most votes from the polls among non-AQ schools. Once again it can’t even get love from the computers, ceding ground on that front … Read more

BCS Buster Power Rankings: 2012 Week 4 Rankings


Two teams are still alive to be this year’s Cinderella, undefeated and harboring hopes of crashing the party, but neither is even the best-placed non-AQ team in the projected BCS rankings. That honor goes to Boise State, who despite losing their season opener at Michigan State and struggling to a 7-6 victory over BYU is … Read more