The Blog About Nothing 11/20 Edition


Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s November 20th and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. While I’m a man that is not big into holidays, I think most people get psyched up for a day of binge eating and sports watching. With that said, I’m sitting here listening to some Future and thinking of … Read more

In my Damn Opinion


Wrestling fans its me again Eric Asafailo and this is my damn opinion. This week we conclude our three part series on the Survivor Series. What is the greatest moment in Survivor Series history. Plus Eric Lee gives us our dreamcard match. WWE vs ROH? Who are the participants. All this and much more because … Read more

MLBRT 11/19: Latest rumors and HOF thoughts

  The MLBRT crew muses over some recent baseball transaction as as well as some rumors and the most recent HOF ballot… Yep, since the 2016 Hall of Fame ballot was just released, they give their thoughts on who they think  deserves a Call to the Hall in Coopertown. 1) The Atlanta Braves traded Andrelton … Read more

Wrestling Roundtable


Welcome back Wrestling Fans to another episode of the Wrestling Roundtable where six of the most controversial panelists go at it again. We have heels, we have faces, and we have people that just want to give their damn opinion. This week, the WWE Championship tournament is underway, Roman Reigns advanced, Kevin Owens advanced, we … Read more

WTF 11/18.. Terrorism…


  Terrorism is a four letter word that isn’t spelled with four letters. We need to find a way to combat it… WTF doesn’t have that answer… but… today I will talk about it in one form or another throughout a large part of the column… All I can ask from all who read my … Read more

NBA Roundtable


Here we are again with another edition of the NBA Roundtable. This week, Is Kevin Durant destined to become a Washington Wizard? Who will be the first coach ousted before the end of the season.   Here are the questions for this week. The Washington Wizards faithful publicly made mention that they wanted Kevin Durant … Read more

Pounding 7’s


Have you ever watched a movie that was pretty good, then a couple of years later they make a sequal, or a Part 2? Well I have, and the majority of these movies are not worth the price of admission to watch, and sometimes makes me want to fall asleep during the movie. However, there … Read more

NFL RT: The Mid-season Awards!

Bears v. Patriots - December 12, 2010

Welcome to the Roundtable! Lets hand out some hardware! 1. MVP- Steve: Most people will probably say Tom Brady, and yes he is having a great year. Since it is mid-season, and I am able to change my mind before the end of the season. My MVP right now is Todd Gurley of the Rams. … Read more

In my Damn Opinion


Wrestling fans its me again, Eric Asafailo and this is my damn opinion. This week is Part 2 of the 3 part Survivor Series special, as I will reveal my favorite match in the history of Survivor Series. Plus another Dream Card match. This and more because my opinion is the only one that matters.