• Movies / TV

    Movie Review: Phantasm II

    We get a recap of the last movie, cut in with a girl reading some journal. Must be hers as there are little hearts when we see a picture of Mike. Oh geez, are they [...]
  • Etc

    Pounding 7’s

    Hello again wrestling fans and welcome to Week 3 of our Wrestlemania countdown. I hope you have enjoyed this Wrestlemania countdown so far. We have just one more week to go before Wrestlemania 33, from [...]
  • Movies / TV

    Movie Review: Push

    Father and son go into a hotel room. Father knows people are coming for him, so he tells his son to go hide and not make any moves a “watcher” can track, and some force [...]
  • Weekly Columns

    The Blog About Nothing 3/24 Edition

    Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 24th of March and the month is coming to an end. Spring has begun and the ice that was on the ground is melting. The flowers will [...]
  • NFL

    Quarterbacks making news @ NFLRT 3/24

      NFL Quarterbacks… Some journeymen; some backups… highlighted the NFL free agent news this week… and the Roundtable is abuzz with their thoughts… 1) On the same day that the NY Giants announced they had [...]
  • Movies / TV

    Movie Review: Fifty Shades Darker

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the original Fifty Shades of Grey, but the Bride was, so off I go to it. So it’s a bit later, and Christian has been having nightmares about his [...]
  • Movies / TV

    The B Side: Marvel vs DC Superheros

    I started this series to talk about how to make a better Fantastic Four Movie, but felt I needed to talk a bit about the origins of what makes a Marvel Hero vs a DC [...]


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