Serena Williams… The greatest of all time?


    Serena Williams seems like she’s been around forever… Serena Williams has done stuff in tennis that few, if any, have ever done… is she one of the greatest of all time? In fact… could she be the Greatest of All Time? Serena Williams has just added her 6th Wimbledon Grand slam event title, … Read more

In my Damn Opinon


Wrestling fans its me again Eric Asafailo, and THIS is my damn opinion. This week I once again call out Shark Boy in an attempt to see if he wants a match. Also, who is the greatest WWE Wrestler of all time? This and much more because my opinion is the only one that matters. … Read more

Wrestling Roundtable


Welcome back again on this Thursday morning. We hope you enjoyed your 4th of July holiday. However, we at the Wrestling Roundtable never take a vacation, well maybe Josh, because that is just want he does. And since he is a heel, we will not argue with him. So here’s to another edition of the … Read more

7/9 MLBRT: All-Star break & some MLB musings…


    It’s almost the All-Star game time and that means MLB takes a mid-summmer break from the regular season… the RT crew mulls over some opinions about the internal prospects signings, Tom Seaver’s thoughts on pitch counts, who is the best manager in the game right now & more relay discussion….  then they tackle … Read more

WTF 7/8… Times are a-changin’…


The times are a-changin’…  and ya know what? It’s about time we all starting getting up off our asses and maybe made a little noise… beause people get ready… times are a-changin’… whether ya’ll like it or not… Here for your perusal are some of the noise makers for the week and my noise in … Read more



Hello there wrestling fans, I hope you enjoyed your fourth of July weekend. Its back to business as normal though, after most of you probably dreaded going back to work yesterday after a long weekend. Have no worries though, you can wake up to another round of Q and A with #ask7pound. This week we … Read more