The Blog About Nothing 2/5 Edition

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Welcome to another edition of The Blog About Nothing. It’s Super Bowl weekend. The Big Game is finally upon us. On Sunday the Carolina Panthers will face off against the Denver Broncos. I’ll spare you a long breakdown of the game. There is a pretty good NFL Roundtable on our website that posted earlier this … Read more

In my Damn Opinion


Hey there wrestling fans welcome to In my Damn Opinion. I am your host, Eric Asafailo, and over the next 15 minutes I am going to fill your mind with the truth and nothing but the truth. Why? Because my opinion is the only one that matters. This week I have some clips from an … Read more

Political Roundtable: 2/5 Edition

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With the start of the political circus, er presidential campaigns, We here at 7poundbag felt we would open a Political Roundtable. If you have questions for a future roundtable, let us know, and if you agree or disagree, comment ya pinko commie! 1. Biggest surprise of the Iowa results. Earl: I guess this is because … Read more

MLBRT 2/4… Show me the money or the bling?


  This week the crew wrestles with that eternal sports question… what’s more important just getting the big contract…  the money… or is it winning the bling… a championship? And games in London? Whaaa… See the crew’s opinions right now in the MLB round table discussion… 1)  A report on says that MLB eyes … Read more

Wrestling Roundtable


Welcome back wrestling fans to the greatest wrestling roundtable in the land. This is 7poundbag’s Wrestling Roundtable. First we want to take a moment to wish Bret Hart well during his battle with pancreatic cancer. Get well soon Hitman! This week our panelists discuss the hottest topics surrounding the world of wrestling. What’s going to … Read more

WTF 2/3… A great Dame & other damn stuff…


  This week WTF talks about a damn great Dame and a whole bunch of other stuff that if it wasn’t for the fact that it was real you would swear I was just pretending so I could fill up this week’s column with my necessary quota of words… but this shit is as true … Read more

NBA Roundtable


Welcome NBA fans to another edition of the NBA Roundtable. We had an exciting week this past week from a firing of a first place coach to the Golden State Warriors steam rolling the San Antonio Spurs to Blake Griffin thinking he is Floyd”Money” Mayweather. We are going to talk about all that and so … Read more

Movie Review: The Wicker Man (1973)


The Wicker Man (1973) This movie is as old as I am, so don’t expect a spoiler break, as I normally do. I’ll give you a warning tag, however. The Wicker Man is one of those famous horror movies, and the breakout Christopher Lee role, and no, I will not be seeing the Nicholas Cage … Read more

Black History Month

Black History Month

The issue I have with Black History Month, no context is involved. A few years ago I posted a question to some co-workers, out of 9,  I had 4 people tell me, all with HS degrees and decent jobs, they had no idea who Dred Scott was. So you are looking at FOURTY-EIGHT Black History … Read more

2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The 15 modern-era finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2016 are as follows (presented in alphabetical order): Morten Andersen Steve Atwater Don Coryell Terrell Davis Tony Dungy Alan Faneca Brett Favre Kevin Greene Marvin Harrison Joe Jacoby Edgerrin James John Lynch Terrell Owens Orlando Pace Kurt Warner Seniors Committee finalists Ken … Read more



Happy Monday wrestling fans and welcome back to #ask7pound. This week I will once again answer your questions related to the world of professional wrestling. We will also get a little bit of Bad News from Bad News Brennan, and Trevor will weigh in on his expertise in the wrestling world. He will also discuss … Read more