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Apr 17

The Ultimate Fighter: Penn vs Edgar

Ok, I’m going to be honest with you. I love me TUF. But the irritating thing is the people they pick, they miss quite a lot of fighters that deserve a shot at TUF. You want to know why the show isn’t putting out guys like it was?  The biggest reason is most of those …

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Feb 07

Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones and smack talk

Its real easy to pick Jon Jones over DC. I’m going to be honest with you, I’ll put big money down on Jones to win that fight as well. Do I think it could be as big as Jones/Anderson or Anderson / GSP? Or even CAIN/Jones? No. But I do think its a great matchup. …

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Feb 03

7pounds of Something: 2/3 Edition~!

Welcome to Monday world! Today I’m going to do some bragging, talk Super Bowl, UFC 169, and Movies. UFC 169 was what we thought it was. Aldo is the greatest man on the planet at featherweight. Other than Chad Mendes, no one else is close. If he beats Chad, then he should have to move …

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Jan 31

UFC 169 Picks

Welcome to the UFC 169 Picks! Lightweights Jamie Varner (21-8-1, 3-3 UFC) vs. Abel Trujillo (11-5, 2-1 UFC) Varner is a strong wrestler, and a good striker, Abel is a better striker, but has problems when someone is determined to put him on his arse. I think Varner drops the first round trying to strike …

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Jan 26

Cutting Weight; How I Lost 12 Pounds in 6 Days

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Have you ever watched a weight class based sport like an Olympic wrestling match, a boxing match, power-lifting competition or MMA fight and wondered how both competitors are listed at the same weight, but one is clearly larger than the other?  Or looked at a man like Gleison Tibau and said,  “how does he only …

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Dec 29

UFC 168 Review + Anderson Silva, Matches to Make, ETC

Lets see how I did on my picks for UFC 168, and what I think about the fights, the fighters and where we go from here.     Preliminary card (Fox Sports 1) Lightweight Gleison Tibau     vs.     Michael Johnson Winner: Michael Johnson KO at 1:32 of Round 2 (Picked Tibau 0-1) I expected …

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Dec 06

MMA Roundtable: DEC 6th

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Welcome to the MMA Roundtable. This week, Roni, Joao and David talk Nate Diaz, The Ultimate Fighter, and Ben Askren! If you have a question you want answered, submit it below. 1. Where does Nate Diaz fit in the 155 realm? Roni: Nate fits right at the top IMO. he does need to evolve a …

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Nov 18

7 Pounds of Something 11/18

Morning World, Here I am to get you past this worst of Days. I am sorry I was unable to get the Puppet Master II review up, my buddy Tom and I went to see the new Carrie, so my day off was spent doing that, instead of cleaning house and posting. I’ll have both …

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Nov 16

UFC 167 picks

  Overall thoughts on card David: I’m gonna be honest. This is a ONE fight card to a T. I really don’t care about any of the major fights on this card. I’m actually more excited about the pre-lims, except one fight. One BIG fight. Collin: Fairly excited. I fully expect GSP to soundly handle …

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Nov 11

7 Pounds of Something . . . 11/11

Welcome to the 7pounds of Something, Today I am going to give my take on the Martin/Incognito reaction, UFC Fight Night, NCAA Basketball, and Veterans Day. Ok, Its stunning that 3 of the top 4 stories for the Month of November are on this story, seems like everyone is absorbed into this mess. I do …

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Nov 05

The EA Sports UFC Game- How it should have been done.

EA Sports, never a company to sit on its rear when it comes to pimping a game- is going to have another cover tournament. 16 fighters to be on the Cover of EA Sports UFC Jon Jones is of course the cover guy- but who is going to be standing with him? The Brackets are …

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Oct 26

Bellator PPV is cancelled, and where to go from Here?

Bellator has cancelled the first ever Bellator PPV and moved it to Spike TV, following an injury to headliner Tito Ortiz I’m guessing Rich Franklin was not available as a short term replacement? Why not do Rampage Vs Mo? I’m FAR more interested in that fight over any Tito fight since he was going to …

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