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Apr 20

The Era of PEDs in Baseball

 … Continued from yesterday…  The Era of PEDs in Baseball By moving forward we deal with the past. This wise counsel was revealed to me through the words of Mister Dean Koontz in a manuscript he penned called Brother Odd ….. “(Many things such as ego, pride, money, vanity…) are defenses of the sorrows of …

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Apr 17

MLB RT 17 April 2014


MLB RT 16 APRIL 2014   1. What player has surprised you the most through the first 13 games of this young season?                           ARCHIE:  There are actually two that really hit home for me on this nature. The first is Justin Upton. …

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Apr 09

MLB RT 9 APRIL 2014….


We have a new addtion to the RT this week. Everyone please welcome Sandy B to the group. Hopefully she will provide new insights to the discussions. Welcome aboard Sandy. This week we take a look at Billy Hamilton’s slow start, Revenue Sharing, Live or TV games, TV rights, and should smaller market teams move to …

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Apr 07

Musings From the Bench

                You know what I like about baseball? Nothing. And let me tell you why. (Mr. Met,, “Right in the feels.”)   1. The slow pace. Games go on forever with some innings lasting longer than some marriages. The longest recorded game in regulation play was 4 hours …

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Mar 29

My 2 Cents

In the wake of the Biogenesis scandal and ARod’s 162 game suspension, the players had demanded harsher penalties and the got it. Some of the penalties include 1st offense is 80 game suspension, 2nd is 162 games and 3rd is Lifetime ban. It will also include no play-offs for any suspended player. Also the number …

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Mar 26

MLB RT 26 MARCH 2014


1.   What do you think of the Dodgers and Diamondbacks opening the season a week sooner than the rest of the league? ARCHIE: Last season Houston and Texas opened the season with 1 game on the 31st by themselves; that was not too bad. However, I for one am getting really, really tired of the …

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Mar 17

MLB RT 17 March 2014


1.   Who are your Pre-Season winners in the NL? ARCHIE: In the East:  I always hate to predict against my Braves, but it is hard to see them winning the East again with all the pitching woes they currently face. I know they just signed Santana, but he alone cannot substitute for three other guys …

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Feb 20

That’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it………………MLB style


  After fussing and cussing the Brave’s organization for moves not made and money foolishly spent in the past several years; note see B.J. Upton contract, I have to admit , I am loving their latest style of dealing with players and money. Going into the offseason they were adamant about enforcing their policy on …

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Feb 14

Something in the way they played the game…

I submit for your perusal three player’s statistics. For player number one I threw out his first and last years, since, they essentially amounted to almost nothing and would do nothing except diminish his most relevant numbers. (Writers note: “diminish” in regards to yearly stat average.) In the interest of fair play, and just common sense, …

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Feb 14

The Blog About Nothing 2/14 (Valentine’s Day) Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day world! It’s me EJ, here with a Valentine’s Day edition of The Blog About Nothing. I bring you love. I bring you that good love. This week I’ll talk a little NBA All-Star Weekend, Derek Jeter calling it quits, and a lady that I think is a bit cute: Danica Patrick. Let’s …

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Feb 12

Goodbye, Captain….

I am going to shock the hell out of two of the guys that I owe my so-called web writing career to… David Snipes… the guy who first got me into writing for a dedicated web site… and… Zach Bigalke… my very first official editor… Why am I doing this to them? I assure you it …

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Feb 12


Derek Jeter has announced his retirement on his official Facebook page. Keep in mind he is 40, and has been having problems with injuries the past few years- He does state he wants to start a family. Interesting. No official reaction from the Yankees as I have found, but I have to think a few …

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