PEDs… Again? MLBRT 5/5


The never ending story of PEDs… PEDs unfortunately have been making the headlines in MLB as of late… first, unfounded rumors that Jake Arrieta  must be using because he never threw like an All-star before his recent very hot streak dating back to last year, and, second, two players actually failed tests and got hit … Read more

The neighborhood play & more… MLBRT 4/28


  This week’s Round Table is about the new slide rule and it’s effect on the old neighborhood play… plus more Baseball talk and stuff from the week just gone by… 1) It seems Jake Arrieta has picked up where he left off from his historic 2nd half of the 2015 season, as he has now … Read more

What’s the Story in Colorado, super slide & more… MLBRT 4/21


  This week in the Roundtable… we got some discussion on the super slide… no, it’s not some new dance craze taking over the country… it’s just Yasiel Puig making the latest highlight reel of ESPN, et. al… Te crew at Puig’s slide… but was it the slide or the recovery? Also… What’s weighing Sandoval … Read more

A no-hitter that wasn’t & more… MLBRT 4/14


  Yeah, it’s real early in the season in the MLB season but so far there seem to be some interesting trends happening. Let’s what the MLBRT crew thinks about… the Red Sox starters… Carlo Correa… the no-hitter that wasn’t and more from the first week or so that happened in MLB. 1) One ESPN … Read more

Taking baseball back? MLBRT 4/7


Taking baseball back? What’s that all about? Taking baseball back where, when and how? Well it’s really only for just one day… Opening Day, in fact… but Johnny Bench is spearheading a movement to have all the teams opening the season all on the same day… and in a sense having the fans take baseball … Read more

Real baseball about to begin… MLBRT 3/31


Spring training nears an end… real baseball starts this weekend. Meantime… the crew discusses it all… Ok, ok… we discuss five things about the game and the folks involved with the game in one way or another… right here and now… 1) MLB chief legal counsel Dan Halem recently told “Outside the Lines” that “Players, or … Read more

Story of a Martyr: Alex Rodriguez


I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that’s real The needle tears a hole The old familiar sting Try to kill it all away But I remember everything On February, 2009 Alex Rodriguez’s career took a turn for the worst. Major League Baseball’s highly … Read more

LaRoche brouhaha & Barry still hitting HRs: MLBRT 3/24

MLBRT with SS.2

  Of course we’re leading off with the LaRoche brouhaha… Then… Barry beats Giancarlo and other Marlins in a HR contest? Can Price be the best pitcher in the AL? And… of course what about them Rays playing in Cuba? 1) White Sox slugger Adam LaRoche is supposedly retiring because the Chicago White Sox president … Read more

Clemens and Bonds… rethinking the PED era


Clemens and Bonds… to some folks who think of themselves as true aficionados of the game of baseball those two names can be like pouring gas on a fire considering the heated words the mere mention of their names can bring to the table. I wrote an article way back in 2008 and I am … Read more

Goose, Bryce and more… MLBRT 3/17

MLBRT with SS.2

    In today’s roundtable the first two questions deal with two MLB people… an ex-player and a present-day player… who were very vocal and opinionated in the last week about Baseball and the people involved with Baseball… Goose Gossage and Bryce Harper. Interestingly enough they both touched upon the same topic but from very … Read more

Opinions and predicitions… MLBRT 3/10

MLBRT with SS.2

  Like to hear  some opinionating and some predicting? Then… welcome to MLBRT where the crew gives out both… opinions and predictions… 1) In your opinion is it realistic to predict that this is the year the Cubs win it all? Dan: Yes, I believe so. The Cubs have an amazing pitching staff, the offense is … Read more

Talking about Baseball… MLBRT 3/3

MLBRT with SS.2

  Talking baseball once again as the crew gives out their thoughts… On Joey Bats… and Josh batting first…  Anthony Rizzo MVP? Bryce Harper in pinstripes? Plus, Reds or Braves… who’s better… All at MLBRT now…. 1)  The Toronto Blue Jays really don’t have a prototypical leadoff hitter, so, the suggestion has been floated that … Read more