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Jim’s All-In Poker Vol XVI:

July 2, 2016 David Snipes 0

Did you ever notice how many tournament outcomes are decided by one decision on one hand?  A person can be cruising along, crushing the table, when he decides to play one hand that is questionable […]

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Jim’s All In Poker Volume 09

April 16, 2016 David Snipes 0

Special thanks to David Beneake, who was invaluable in assisting in writing this week’s article. Poker is a funny game/sport.  It is the only game I know of where a rank amateur can reasonably compete […]

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Jim’s All-In Poker: Vol VIII

April 9, 2016 Jim Pryor 0

This week’s article is going to focus on a recent email I received.  A question came in last week regarding “pot committed”. — What would you say the line is for pot committed on a […]