2010 NFL Draft Diary

April 22, 2013 David Snipes 7

ED NOTE: Back in 2010, I did a running Diary of the 2010 NFL Draft- Enjoy just how brilliant I am. Welcome to a running commentary of the 2010 NFL Draft. The time is 7:00pm […]


The NFL Roundtable; 4/14 Edition

April 14, 2013 David Snipes 0

Welcome to the NFL Roundtable! This week, we look at the AFC Archie and David answer YOUR questions, got something to ask? Respond at the bottom 1. Are you a believer in Ryan Tannehill? Archie: […]


Raiders weekly update

April 10, 2013 DJ 4

RAIDERS: SECOND WEEK OF APRIL UPDATE Mike Jenkins has been added to the Raiders defense and it’s quite possible Oakland will have 9 new starters on a revamped defense that definitely needed it. Mike Jenkins […]


NFL Roundtable

April 7, 2013 Roundtable 0

Welcome to the NFL roundtable! Since Sundays are going to SUCK for the next few months, We decided to give you something to look forward too, as the NFL Roundtable moves to sunday SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! […]


Barry Sanders

March 28, 2013 David Snipes 2

Barry Sanders   That being said- Barry Sanders is one of the greatest of all time in running exept for one MAJOR thing Red Zone running… think about it. It’s fourth and 1, 4 seconds […]


NFL RoundTable 3/23 Edition!

March 23, 2013 Roundtable 0

Welcome to the NFL Roundtable! Once again, its David and EJ going head to head for this week, if you want to join us for a roundtable, let me know at   1. Did […]


Panthers: Free Agentcy Day 1

March 13, 2013 David Snipes 0

Carolina Panthers Day 1. Gone Jason Phillips LB – Signed with Eagles Restricted Free Agent Andre Neblett DT Nate Ness CB Unrestricted Free Agent Derek Anderson QB Louis Murphy WR Ben Hartsock TE Gary Barnidge […]