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7poundMovies Volume 1: Sinister!

October 29, 2012 David Snipes 1

Welcome to the first episode of 7poundmovies! Thomas and I go over SINISTER, but don’t worry, we will give you plenty of warning before we start spoiling the movie. Please take a listen, see what […]

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So, you say you like horror movies….

September 14, 2012 DJ 8

Scary movies have been an interest of mine as long as I can remember. What is it about horror movies that interests us horror fans? Is it the adrenaline rush that we experience as we […]

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The Watch

August 14, 2012 David Snipes 0

Took the wife to the movies Tuesday night, to celebrate her graduation. For some reason, she had about as much desire to see Spiderman and Batman as I did to see Magic Mike. So without […]