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Movie Review: Lawrence of Arabia

February 18, 2018 David Snipes 0

Lawrence of Arabia is one of EJ’s favorite movies, whenever talk goes to favorites, Lawrence of Arabia is often the first movie he comes up with, and he rewatches it on a regular basis. I […]

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Movie Review: Hurt

January 24, 2018 David Snipes 0

This is another one of the American Horror Story Set I have, Home of Cursed. Let’s start off first that that’s just a bad name for a movie! I mean I can’t believe it hasn’t […]

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Movie Review: Darkman

January 17, 2018 David Snipes 0

Darkman came out in 1990 and was one of those movies that I never got around to seeing but I knew of it. They had a very good marketing campaign and to be quite honest […]

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Movie Review: Diary of the Dead

January 11, 2018 David Snipes 0

I hate found footage film. I hate shakey-cam more. I hate preachy writing even more. I got some preachy last movie, and it kind of killed a great job by most of the film’s crew. […]

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Movie Review: Sinister 2

January 10, 2018 David Snipes 0

I enjoyed the original Sinister, but not really sure where you would go with the sequel, or if I really wanted one. I thought the original was slow, but I do like some old movies, […]

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Movie Review: Land of the Dead

January 3, 2018 David Snipes 0

When I first started re-watching Land of the Dead, I didn’t really remember it. I saw it when it first hit DVD and I remembered this is when the bloom came off the Romero Rose […]

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Everything coming to Netflix in January

December 26, 2017 David Snipes 0

Everything coming to Netflix in January JANUARY 1 10,000 B.C. 30 Days of Night – Excellent movie. Age Of Shadows AlphaGo America’s Sweethearts Apollo 13 Batman Batman & Robin Batman Begins Batman Forever Batman Returns […]

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Movie Review: Jigsaw

December 1, 2017 David Snipes 0

Sorry I have not posted it here, but you should be a subscriber on our YouTube Channel!   The wife and I saw JIGSAW on opening night, here is the review