MMA Roundtable: Post UFC 197 Edition!

UFC Cage

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable! This week Roni and David take a look at UFC on FOX and what happens next, UFC 197 and what outlet should the first MSG show be broadcast on? If you want in on future roundtables, or have a question, please post it below before next Tuesday! 1.Cheal Sonnen said … Read more

NFL Roundtable: Pre-Draft Edition and Josh Norman

NFL Sheild

Welcome to the NFL Roundtable! This week we get ready for the draft, and if you have questions, by all means post it below. 1. Thoughts on Josh Norman going to the Redskins? DJ: According to the critics, they over-paid him but it was a good signing. He’s just 28 so he’s smack dab in … Read more

Wrestling Roundtable


Well hello again, thanks for joining this group of illustrious wrestling “experts” This week we take a look at the upcoming special event Payback. Is it going to be worth the 9.99 that you pay for the Network? Also, Fastlane went down as the worst ever as far as gross sales go. Should the WWE … Read more

Wrestling Roundtable


Wrestlemania is behind us, and we have a new WWE Champion in Roman Reigns. What did you all think about the show? Also what do we all think about the new Womens championship belt? Was Wrestlemania a success? This and much more.   1.Roman Reigns- The New WWE Champion is on a roll right now, … Read more

Clemens and Bonds… rethinking the PED era


Clemens and Bonds… to some folks who think of themselves as true aficionados of the game of baseball those two names can be like pouring gas on a fire considering the heated words the mere mention of their names can bring to the table. I wrote an article way back in 2008 and I am … Read more



Happy Monday wrestling fans and welcome back to #ask7pound. I hope you have enjoyed a little March Madness action this past weekend, and I know I am looking forward to the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 this week. For now, I will share my madness with all of you and answer your questions related to … Read more

Site Updates: Roost, Calendar, and Schedule


The Roost App has been removed from the page. For all of you that were getting our Roost updates, first off, thank you for your support, sadly due to changes over there, we will no longer be able to use that service. So going forward, I don’t know how I’m going to be able to … Read more

Amazon Update for LA Citizens

Governor John Bel Edwards

I got this notice today from Amazon, I would like to thank our newly elected Governor John Bel Edwards for this shortsighted idea to get more blood from Louisiana Citizens. Not to mention former Governor Bobby Jindal for being so damn useless to put us this far behind the 8-ball. Greetings from the Amazon Associates … Read more