Black History Month

Black History Month

The issue I have with Black History Month, no context is involved. A few years ago I posted a question to some co-workers, out of 9,  I had 4 people tell me, all with HS degrees and decent jobs, they had no idea who Dred Scott was. So you are looking at FOURTY-EIGHT Black History … Read more

Trivia Questions Week IV

Logo trivia

Thought we would try something new this year. I do love me some trivia, as do several of the writers, so each week, we will present 7 questions, and you can come back next week to get the answers, feel free to post your answers on the facebook comments for this, Enjoy! Trivia Questions Week … Read more

NBA Roundtable


Welcome to another edition of NBA Roundtable. As we get closer to the All-Star break Kobe Bryant still leads all vote players in votes. This week on the Roundtable we will talk about Derrick Rose’s injury plagued season,why a 9-32 team is on national television so much lately, and so much more on NBA Roundtable. … Read more



What a week in the world of professional wrestling. Sting will take his place in the WWE Hall of Fame making him the first person to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in both TNA and WWE. Will Kurt Angle be next? This week on #ask7pound, our old friend joins us to ask about … Read more

Bowie: The Icon, the star, the man & an appreciation


  Bowie: The Icon, the star, the man & a baby boomer’s appreciation… David Bowie passed away on January 10th from complications of liver cancer… nice way of saying that cancer ravaged his system and killed his ass… Many… if, not most… folks reading this probably think, or remember, Bowie as that glitter drag queenish … Read more

Pounding 7s: Quentin Tarantino


With the release of The Hateful Eight, I thought I would rank the Quentin Tarantino films. To be fair, I have not seen the Hateful Eight yet, or Jackie Brown, but its on my list. I’m not counting Four Rooms or Best Friends Birthday either. I normally would count the Kill Bills as a single … Read more

Brain Droppings: 1/11

Logo Brain Droppings

Welcome to the 1/11 edition of Brain Droppings, I have a confession to make: I don’t do resolutions. I’ve put them out in the past before, but as I’ve gotten older, I think its almost a waste. I’m the same lovable sarcastic asshole in 2016 I was in 2015. 2015 sucked by the way. If … Read more