February 8, 2018 Joe Cantiello 0

  This week’s questions and discussion… 1) Recently Larry Walker told TSN Montreal 690 that he thinks he knows why he hasn’t yet made it into the Baseball Hall of Fame after having been on […]


WTF 2/7

February 7, 2018 Joe Cantiello 0

  It may be too early to say the sky is falling … butttt… I said it way before the presidential election… I said it many times… I said it in words that were clear, […]


NBA RoundTable

February 7, 2018 Todd 0

Hello ladies and gentleman welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. We are one day away from the trade deadline and have only had one major trade up to this date with Blake Griffin going […]


Pounding 7’s: 1985 Power Rankings

February 5, 2018 Stephan 0

Welcome back to our countdown of the Power Rankings series of the 1980’s. We are halfway home as we will countdown the Power Rankings of 1985. Ric Flair has topped the charts for the past […]


Wrestling Roundtable

February 2, 2018 Stephan 0

Well hello there wrestling fans, welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. The Royal Rumble, and NXT Takeover has come and gone. We give our opinion on which show won the weekend. Do we have any […]



February 2, 2018 Joe Cantiello 0

  This week’s questions and discussion… 1) There have been fifty-one Super Bowls since the game was first played on was played on January 15, 1967 when the NFL champs Green Bay Packers beat the AFL […]



February 1, 2018 Joe Cantiello 0

This week’s questions and discussion… 1) Is selling off a team’s talent, like the Miami Marlins and the Pittsburgh Pirates have done this offseason, good or bad for MLB and is it something the Commissioner/MLB […]


WTF 1/31

January 31, 2018 Joe Cantiello 0

  Danger Zone… I recently read an article where it reported the Philippine defense secretary Delfin Lorenzana said that villages in a danger zone around erupting Mount Mayon should be turned into a permanent “no […]


Pounding 7’s: 1984 Power Rankings

January 29, 2018 Stephan 0

Hey Hey Wrestling fans and welcome to 1984. That is where we are in our series featuring the Power Rankings of the 1980’s. Last week, Ric Flair took the top spot once again, and we […]


Wrestling Roundtable- Royal Rumble Edition

January 28, 2018 Stephan 0

Hey there wrestling fans and welcome one and all to the Wrestling Roundtable the Royal Rumble Edition. The Rumble will air tonight at 6pm on the WWE Network. this Roundtable our distinguished panelists will give our […]


NFLRT 1/26

January 26, 2018 Joe Cantiello 0

  This week’s questions and discussion… 1) What the hell happened to the Minnesota Vikings’ highly touted defense that the Philadelphia Eagles (and journeyman QB Nick Foles who played as if he were in his 2013 […]


Wrestling Roundtable

January 26, 2018 Stephan 0

Hey Hey Wrestling fans, welcome to the Wrestling Roundtable. The only Roundtable in internet land sure to create more controversy than Crash Holly winning the WWE Championship. This week we have a ton of stuff […]