Musings From the Bench 2/16 Edition

February 16, 2015 Jane Gray 2

You know what I hate besides baseball? Valentine’s Day.  From the first grade on through the sixth, students bring in those cards sold 34 to a box with one teacher card and place one card […]

Movies / TV

Musings From the Bench 2/9 Edition

February 9, 2015 Jane Gray 8

When I was a kid going to the movie theater was a real treat. The theaters were in the downtown district and there were about 3 of them.  The Capitol, Paramount, and Loew’s-Poli. Each theater […]


Musings From the Bench 2/2 Edition

February 2, 2015 Jane Gray 0

As I write this edition of Musings it is Saturday, 1/31/15. I was going to wait until after the Super Bowl to write the column but thought better of it….mainly because of how little time […]


Musings From the Bench 1/19 Edition

January 19, 2015 Jane Gray 3

There’s a scene in the movie “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman” in which an aged Miss Jane looks at an infant and asks, “Is you the one?” She’s referring to the one that will […]


Musings From the Bench 1/12 Edition

January 12, 2015 Jane Gray 2

You may remember that we don’t have cable or satellite at our house, just over-the-air-free-TV.  One of the area stations has dedicated a channel for weather when you want it along with sports scores, stock […]

Weekly Columns

Musings From the Bench 1/5 Edition

January 5, 2015 Jane Gray 6

At precisely the moment when the clock struck 12 and the transition from New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day occurred, the first baby of 2015 was born at the city hospital.  At approximately that […]

Weekly Columns

Musings From the Bench 12/22 Edition

December 22, 2014 Jane Gray 10

In last week’s edition of Musings I reported that the Holyoke City Council in Holyoke, MA decided to name the pine/spruce/evergreen tree outside City Hall the “Holiday Tree” much to the dismay of the citizenry.  […]


Musings From the Bench 12/15 Edition

December 15, 2014 Jane Gray 11

I’m having trouble getting into the spirit of the things this year.  Too many people hurtin’ for money and they all want mine.  I’m not talking about the bell ringers for the Salvation Army, they’ll […]


Musings From the Bench 12/1 Edition

December 1, 2014 Jane Gray 4

I’m starting this off with the following statement. I can at times be an idiotic cow.  There…I said it. I usually say it after I’ve done something stupid, like tear up a winning lottery ticket […]