NFL News & Views @ NFLRT 7/21

July 21, 2017 Joe Cantiello 0

  This week’s questions…  1) Former NFL player Damien Woody recently appeared on ESPN and said he is in favor of guarantee contracts like they have in the NBA and MLB for all NFL players.  […]


Why Did You Shoot & Kill? @ WTF 7/19

July 19, 2017 Joe Cantiello 0

    Another person was shot and killed by a Minnesota police officer… an unarmed person. After a 911 call of a possible sexual attack occurring in an alleyway outside of the caller’s home, two Minneapolis […]


NFL News & Views @ NFLRT 7/14

July 14, 2017 Joe Cantiello 0

This week’s questions…  1) asked the question… “Is the Giants’ receiving corps best in the NFL?”  In your opinion, are they? If they are, then why? And, if not, then which receiving corps is […]


MLB News & Views @ MLBRT 7/13

July 13, 2017 Joe Cantiello 0

    This week’s questions… 1) From… “The Futures Game kicks off the All-Star break festivities every year on Sunday… the event has been around since 1999…”  Some players who have participated in a […]


WTF 7/12

July 12, 2017 Joe Cantiello 0

What was the issue? I have had my disagreements with our past prez, the Bamster… still do. He was, in many ways, in the pockets of the billionaires just like so many presidents that came […]


WTF… a Special Op-Ed

July 11, 2017 Joe Cantiello 0

This is a special Op-Ed piece in light of another unarmed Black person being shot and killed by a another cop…  The regular WTF column will appear tomorrow… Why Black lives still should matter… This […]


NFL News & Views @ NFLRT 7/7

July 7, 2017 Joe Cantiello 0

  The Roundtable crew opines about opinionated retired NFL players opining about today’s NFL players… today’s NFL players griping about how much money NBA players make… and… the Bill and Tom show… how much longer […]



July 6, 2017 Joe Cantiello 0

Sitting around the old roundtable talking baseball once again… This week’s questions… 1) Recently after pitcher NY Mets’ Robert Gsellman came up lame running to first base, Mets announcer Ron Darling said, “I honestly don’t […]


WTF 7/5

July 5, 2017 Joe Cantiello 0

Summer is here and the dog days of summer… August and its hot and humid days that seemingly drains peoples brains from being in touch with reality and then entices them to utter all sorts […]


Latest news and views @ NFLRT 6/30

June 30, 2017 Joe Cantiello 0

This week’s questions… 1) Putting aside the arguments of whether “star” athletes are worth the millions of dollars a year they sometimes get…  QB Derek Carr, who is 22-15 since an 0-10 start, just got […]