10 years gone: A true American hero

April 22, 2017 DJ 0

Charles Barkley has often said athletes aren’t role models and that they shouldn’t be. Pat Tillman is an example that some can be if they choose to. It just takes them thinking about their actions […]


The resurrection of a football program

September 3, 2016 DJ 0

The Peninsula Panthers high school football program has a proud tradition of excellence, having graduated several pro football players and many notable college players. However, last season they were 2-5 through their first seven games […]


Open letter to Lamar Odom

October 20, 2015 DJ 1

I’ve been a little busy lately and I haven’t been posting at my usual pace but recent developments in Lamar Odom’s condition (and more free time than I’ve had in a while) have me wanting […]

No Picture

RIP Jane Gray

April 11, 2015 DJ 4

This blog was already in the process of being written before I heard the news today on Facebook so I decided to publish it tonight (a little earlier than planned) and dedicate it to Jane […]


Anthony Mason loses his battle at 48

March 1, 2015 DJ 0

Former New York Knicks fan favorite Anthony Mason has died at the age of 48. He was attempting to recover from multiple heart surgeries after experiencing congestive heart failure on February 11th. Mason helped the […]