MMA Roundtable III

July 27, 2012 David Snipes 1

MMA Roundtable III That’s right everybody, just becasue there isn’t a card of note, don’t mean we wont talk some MMA. Sitting at the table today, as always is Joao “More Salsa” Pedro, Collin “More […]

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MMA Roundtable II

July 24, 2012 David Snipes 3

Welcome back to the roundtable!   As always, I am your host, David Snipes, and with me are Collin, Joao and Jim. Questions and Comments are loved. 1. Is Anderson the GOAT? JIM: Yes, Anderson […]

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Welcome to the 7poundbag

July 24, 2012 David Snipes 4

Brand New Website   Brand new ideas   Same old crap   What is this website? Its a group of people spread across the country, who when something happens to them, be it see a […]