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Hello Ladies and Genleman welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Well we had an exciting day of trades at the deadline. this weekend is All Star weekend with the Celebrity All Star game and the Rising Stars All Star game Friday night, The 3 Point and Slam Dunk Contest Saturday, and the 2018 All Star game Sunday. This week we will discuss Dwyane return to Miami, Wizards playing without John Wall that, and so much more on this edition on NBA RoundTable.

Here are the questions:

Dwyane wade was traded back to Miami where he spent the first 13 years of his career. The Heat are currently sitting at the 7th seed in the East. What kind of impact if any will Wade have in helping Miami to a playoff push?

Todd: I think he can play spot minutes and help them close out games. Miami don’t really have a closer and D-Wade is still capable of doing that. I epect them to move up in the weak Eastern Conference.

Steve: Let me first start off by saying that I think the Miami Heat were going to make the playoffs with or without Dwayne Wade. Now for the twist. The trade in my opinion is only going to HURT the Miami Heat in their quest to make and then advance in the playoffs. Sure, this is a feel good story, having Wade, who is easily the most prominent member of the Miami Heat franchise, returns to the team after half a year, but he has lost a step…and a massive step. If Wade comes in and knows his role, then this will be fine. On the other hand, if he comes in and thinks this is his team again and he is the superstar go to guy. The Heat will be making an early exit from the post season… assuming they get there.

Chad: He may be able to help maintain their spot but wiht the Sixers and Pistons right behind I think it will still be tough to maintain a playoff spot.

The Washington Wizards are 5-2 since John Wall has been out with his injury. Are they a better team without Wall?

Todd: Well to dispute what Steve and Chad said they were losing against them same bad teams before Wall went down to his injury. Teams like the Net, Hawks, and Hornets. I am not saying they are better with Wall, I am just trying to say they are learning to play a different way. The Wizards are averaging 30 assists without Wall and 24 assists with Wall. If he comes back and they can play the same way they should be in good shape.

Steve: Are you serious? No the Wizards are not a better team without John Wall. Wall is a premier player and is one of the top fifteen players in the NBA right now. In this stretch, they have beaten the Thunder at home, and the Raptors at home, very good wins. The Raptors were without DeRozen that game, but thats another story. Then they have wins against the Bulls, Magic, and Hawks who sport the worst records in the NBA. A loss to the Celtics and Sixers in that span too. Many teams, could go 5-2 during this stretch, and you could make an argument that with Wall they would have been 5-2 or better. Are the Wizards better without John Wall… pbbst thats the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard of.

Chad: Some of those recent W’s have come against the Magic, Hawks, and Bulls the bottom feeders of the East so I can’t say that they are better w/o Wall just coming across down competition.

The Lakers are 12-4 in their last 16 games second only to the Rockets in that time span. That includes 2 wins over OKC in less than a week. They are currently sitting 11th in the Western Confernce at 23-31. With the trade they made with Cleveland can they make a playoff push?

Todd: Hell No! This trade buried the Lakers. They traded their best defensive player in Larry Nance Jr and replaced him with Channing frye who thinks defense is optional. Then they trade 6th man of the year candidate Jordan Clarkson and replaced him with a pint sized shrimp named Isaiah Thomas and he can’t play defense.

Steve: I will say this, it is not out of the realm of possibility. The Lakers are playing good basketball right now, and the addition of the midget gives them some good offense. However, it took away a massive amount of defense, and probably lost a lot of team chemistry. Thomas is a scorer, and will demand the ball, especially that he is considered to be a veteran on this Laker team. I think this will ultimately hurt the Lakers in their quest to rebound from their horrid start and make a push for the post season. On paper this looks like a solid deal for Los Angeles, but I don’t see it working out long term.

Chad: They are 6 games out 8th with the Clippers and Jazz to leapfrog which despite recent trades I don’t see happening in the 25 or so games remaining in the regular season.

Bryan Colangelo Announced last week that Markelle Fultz may not play the rest of this year. He said that he needs to retrain his shooting stroke. He also said his range don’t go outside the paint. Is all this a big deal, little deal, or no deal?

Todd: This is a huge deal considering in college he could shoot from all over the floor. If he redshirts this year this will be like the 4th or 5th rookie that Philly redshirts. Kind of ridiculous. Embiid and Simmons turned out to be pretty good but if this kid can’t shoot shoot the ball this might be a wasted pick.

Steve: This is a huge deal. It is yet another example of a wasted pick for the Philadelphia 76ers. Fultz needs to get out there and play the game, that is how he is going to improve and get better. Not by getting in the gym and working on his shot. I play a little ball, not too much, and I can go out there after being out for months, even years, and still have the same form that I have had in the past. This is an excuse for the Sixers, and if this is a true statement, it is a mistake to broadcast it all over the news that there number one draft pick basically sucks right now.

Chad: A guard that can’t shoot outside the paint that is a legitimate concern and a big deal especially when Philly is trying to get him with Simmons and Embiid to really make noise in the East.

The Cavaliers made several moves on trade deadline day. In your opinion did they improve their team?

Additions                                         Subtractions

George Hill                                           Jae Crowder

Rodney Hood                                       Dwyane Wade

Larry Nance Jr                                     Isaiah Thomas

Jordan Clarkson                                  Derrick Rose

                                                                 Iman Shumpert

                                                                 Channing Frye

Todd: Well they definitely improved their team. They got younger more athletic and i’m sad because two of them are former Lakers. I don’t know if it is enough to get out of the East but they have a lot better chance now.

Steve: Gosh, I just don’t know. I think you can get away with losing Wade and Rose, two guys who are seemingly way past their prime. Thomas may be missed with his fantastic shot block ability (sarcasm included), Crowder, Shumpert, and Frye were good utility guys off the bench that could produce good numbers. On the other hand, the Cavs got defense in return, and I think this will be a good thing for them because LeBron can lead any team he is on. I just don’t see them anywhere near the NBA Finals with this team that they have. I didnt think they had much of a shot before it either. So I am going to say they neither improved or got worse. As a franchise, it works for them because they got rid of big contracts and can make space for a big free agent signing, in the event LeBron stays in Cleveland and they can get him a real supporting star for him, but this team isnt going anywhere this season.

Chad: I believe they did I believe they got younger and quicker on the wings which something that was really hurting them with the overall lack of size down low

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