Pounding 7’s: 1986 Power Rankings

Hey there Wrestling fans and welcome back to Pounding 7’s. We are in the home stretch of our 1980’s Power Rankings. This is the year of 1986. This year featured some newcomers to the rankings, as well as some familiar faces. So far Ric Flair has had his way with the top spot for the past several years. Can anyone dethrone him, or will he rank number one for the fourth straight year? Find out right now!

7. Arn Anderson

Anderson is another newcomer to the Power Rankings. Anderson defeated Wahoo McDaniel in a tournament final in January to win the NWA World Television Championship. He would go on to hold the title for nine months before dropping it to Dusty Rhodes in September.

6. Nikita Koloff

Koloff makes his debut on to the Power Rankings in 1986 as he accomplished quite a bit in a short time. In August, he defeated Magnum TA in a best of seven series to win his first United States Championship. He then would go on to defeat Wahoo McDaniel in September to win the NWA National Heavyweight Championship, which in turn unified the two championships. Koloff would also taste the main event title scene as he faced off against Flair at Starrcade 86

5. Dusty Rhodes

Rhodes also makes a return to the Power Rankings, as he captured the NWA Championship away from Ric Flair in July. He would only hold the championship for a couple of weeks before dropping it back to Flair, but Rhodes made it known that he was still a World Championship contender. Rhodes also won the NWA World Television Championship later on in the year.

4. Randy Savage

In February, Savage captured the Intercontinental Championship in the Boston Garden when he defeated Tito Santana. When he won the title, he was not expected to hold it that long. He would go the rest of the year with the championship, and made his presence felt against Hulk Hogan as well, challenging for the WWF Championship.

3. Nick Bockwinkle

Bockwinkle returns to the rankings after being awarded the AWA Championship in June, after Stan Hansen left the AWA for Japan. He would not relinquish it throughout the rest of 1986.

2. Ric Flair

Flair started the year as the NWA champion, and ended the year as the NWA Champion. He would have gone wire to wire, like Hogan, with the exception of a championship loss to Dusty Rhodes in July, however, Flair would get the title back nearly two weeks later.

1. Hulk Hogan

Hulkamania has dethroned the Nature Boy, as Hogan was the WWF Champion from wire to wire. Hogan faced off against the likes of the Heenan Family. He battled King Kong Bundy at Wrestlemania II, and started a great feud with Paul Orndorff. Hogan really took off in 1986 and was unbeaten all year long.

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