This weeks questions and discussion…

1) What is your opinion of Washington trading for Alex Smith? Good, bad or indifferent? Why?

Chiefs trade longtime starting QB Alex Smith to Washington,

Chad: I am indifferent, as there is enough to see in Patrick Mahomes to see if he will be the answer at QB for Kansas City.

Like it for Washington they avoid a 3rd franchise tag for Cousins which would have been north of 30 million.

Joe: Obviously KC is going full speed ahead with Patrick Mahomes as their #1 QB of the future. Wish them well and hope they have some fallback plan at QB in case Mahomes isn’t ready for prime time.

Not sure what the hell Washington is doing, however. For what ever reasons they do not believe in Kirk Cousins, going so far as having their front office dis him in the media. Why that is I am not really sure. But the entire Washington/Cousins situation has been a clusterfluck from the get go. Personally… Alex Smith is not he answer for their QB situation.

2) Two parter… first, part two may sound similar to part one, but they are different…  (1) Where do you think Kirk cousins will go? (2) Which team would be the best bet for him to go?

Chad: I think he goes to the best fit for him which I think would be Denver; the defense is there they really need some stability and I think Kirk Cousins is that stability.

Which uniform will Kirk Cousins wear next?

Joe: Cousins will have his pick of whichever team he wants to go… even if Washington stupidly tries franchising him one more time, which has actually been rumored as a possibility. He is in the driver’s seat.

In my opinion his best options would be one of the following teams… Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills or Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I think  any team that drafts a QB in the first round.. and maybe in the second round, too… is automatically eliminated. I don’t see Cousins wanting to be in a position that his starting job would be in question as soon as a team thinks their new stud option at QB begins to look ready to play. For that reason, I eliminate the Jets, the Browns, Bills.. yeah, I think the Bills go for a QB in this years deep QB pool because they really don’t have a decent QB option now and I don’t see Cousins going there any way, too much dysfunction in my mind… or Denver.

Denver as an option could change if they decide they want to go after some other area to strengthen and decide not to draft a QB. In fact, I think Denver would then jump right to the top of the pecking order for Cousins’ choice of where to go.

But if Denver does go for a QB in the draft then I think Cousins probably would be best suited to go to either Jacksonville, Miami or Tampa Bay. With Jacksonville being his best possible landing place.

3) Do you see Kirk Cousins availability changing the upcoming draft plans of any of the top five teams? If so, who and why? 

Chad: Well with Denver at 5 I could see a scenario where Denver trades down to get another piece if they end up picking up Cousins.

Joe: Yes, I do. Go back to my answer for the previous question… if Denver decides to draft a player other than a QB or if they trade down for additional picks then I think they are going to be one of the top teams trying to sign Cousins.

I actually think the Jets might a possibility too, if they decide to trade down for extra picks. They need so much to get back on the right track anything could happen with them. But personally, I think they would be better off going after one of whichever QBs are left after the Browns and Giants, and maybe the Broncos, make their picks. Unless, Saquon Barkley is available then trade down and grab his butt.

Eli Manning says it’s not his job to mentor young QBs

4) A report in the New York Daily News says Eli Manning has said he won’t mentor any QB that the Giants might draft for their future QB requirements. He added that he wouldn’t ignore the player in the locker room or on the field, just as he wouldn’t ignore any other player, but he doesn’t see it as his job to mentor the player.

What is your opinion regarding Eli’s thoughts?

Chad: I have said that the Giants should do right by Eli and trade him to a team like Denver or Jacksonville… who is oh, so close… to give him one more chance at a ring in his career

Joe: Eli also tries to make it sound like he is this really nice humble guy who is just out for the team and whatever is best for the team, but stuff like this… no matter how he tries to paint it… tells me what he is really about… himself.


Eagles win SB LII

5) And, finally…

What is your opinion of Super Bowl LII?

Chad: Definitely one of the best of all time back and forth punch/counter by both sides. Definitely a classic in my mind that again came down to the last play.

Joe: If you like offense and back and forth action then I think this Super Bowl was right up there with some of the best ever played. Not the best, but in the top ten anyway. It kept  me there until the very end.


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