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Hello ladies and gentleman welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. We are one day away from the trade deadline and have only had one major trade up to this date with Blake Griffin going to Detroit. Will we see any more stars move or teams try to improve their position for a playoff run? This week we will discuss Jabari Parker’s return to the Bucks, the dunk contest which includes 3 newbies that, and so much more on this edition of NBA RoundTable.

Here we go:

Jabari parker made his long a waited debut Friday night versus the Knicks. He played 14 minutes while scoring 12 points. Can he help propel the Bucks into a top 3 seed?

Todd: Absolutely. The Eastern Conference teams are so inconsitant this year that anything can happen. With Cleveland in a tail spin and Boston not playing its best baskeball right now, I think Milwaukee can get up there pretty easily.

Chad: Depending on how he is used they are only 2.5 games back and the Cavs are in a free fall right now so I believe is entirely possible the pass not only the Cavs but also the Heat and Wizards who are only a 1/2 game and full game ahead respectively. Parker when healthy can be another option for the Bucks and a danger in the East Playoffs.

Steve: At this point I wouldnt be surprised if the Chicago Bulls wound up at the three seed. The Eastern Conference is so up and down this year, with the exception of Boston and Toronto, I couldnt tell you how it is going to end up in the end from three down. I could easily see the Bucks end up as a three seed, but I still don’t like the fact that Jason Kidd was fired. This was his team, and he did not have his full team on the floor.

Now we know who is in the Slam dunk contest who is your prediction to win it? Victor Oladipo, Aaron Gordon, Dennis Smith Jr, or Larry Nance Jr

Todd: Well with Aaron Gordon withdrawing, he was obviously the odds on favorite. A Rookie in Donovan Mitchell will be taking his place which will is a high flyer but we all know unless he comes in and lays an egg Larry Nance Jr will probably end up winning because he will be the hometown favorite.

Chad: The smart money is on Aaron Gordon although for the newcomers I would take Larry Nance Jr as his size and athleticism could also be spectaculur in the contest.

Steve: To be the man you gotta beat the man. I am taking Aaron Gordon.

Is Blake Griffin enough to propel the Detroit Pistons into the palyoffs?

Todd: Yes. Unfortunately with Philly not playing up to standards with all the talent they have that is the team that will probably be left out in the cold.

Chad: A game and a half out of the 8th seed and 3 out of the 6th spot where the Bucks are I think is very doable for the Pistons with Griffin and Drummond down low along Jackson running the point.

Steve: Oh yes, they are going to the playoffs, and as long as Blake can stay healthy, they could make a deep run. Keep in mind this was not a bad team without Griffin, and now they are just that much better.

Does James Harden’s historic 60 Point 10 rebound 11 assist game put him in the driver seat for the MVP?

Todd: Why does the MVP always have to be about scoring points or offense because James Harden don’t play a lick of defense. I think that is why he is so good on offense, he only plays half the game. I think guys like Paul George and Kawhi Leonard when he is healthy who are both great two way players get penalized because they don’t have outstanding offensive games like the one Harden had. Even Westbrook, and Curry plays a little defense both former MVP’s.

Chad: In my mind he already was in the driver’s seat but with that epic historic performance he is firmly entrenched in the Driver’s seat for the NBA MVP.

Steve: 1 game? We are going to determine who the MVP frontrunner is for one game? No, I think he is and was always a top contender for the MVP award, but this years field is wide open. Steph is back in the mix, Durant is there, even Giannis is up there. I think we could see this be one of the closest we have ever seen.

The NBA has decided to give the winners of the All Star game $100,000. This is up from $50,000 last year. Do you think the extra money will make the All Star game more competitive? (the losers still get $25,000)

Todd: No. You want to make the All Star Game more competitive take 100,000 away from the losers then they will play like their lives depended on it but until then it will be a joke and unwatchable.

Chad: No, as everyone still knows it is an all-star game and the competition factor is not there. It will still be a glorified exhibition.

Steve: I will say this about the All Star Game for any sport. No matter the result, the stipulation, the bonus money. I simply don’t give a damn.

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