For the conference title, Joe and DJ were the only pair to pickup on the Eagles, as Joe, Chad, DJ, Steve and David all took the Pats. For the week, David lost 150.

So lets get to the SUPAH BOWL!

Steve: Every single ounce of fiber in my body (which isnt much) tells me to pick New England to win this game. They have experience, they have coaching, and they have number 12 Tom Brady. That being said, Im going against everything that I am thinking, and I will pick the Philadelphia Eagles to pull off the upset and beat the New England Patriots 27-17. I don’t trust the New England defense, I think the Eagles are riding a wave right now that can propel them. I think the stellar defense will be too much for Tom Brady, and even with Gronk in the game. The Eagles rarely give up the long pass, so I can’t see the Eagles giving up more than 17 points. I think Foles manages the game of his life, and while his numbers may not be off the chain, he will do enough to get the ball down field, and keep Brady and company off the field.

Philadelphia 27
New England  17
Chad: A replay of Super Bowl 39 with a 24-21 Patriots win over the Eagles.
DJ: Eagles

Joe: Eagles in a close game… Short and sweet… I believe in their defense that much. Eagles score last in the fourth quarter for the lead and the defense stops Tom Brady from making any comebacks.Eagles 24, Patriots 21

David: This one could be fun. The Pats tend to start slow, and the Eagles have a bit of a grinding offense. I do wonder how good this Pats line is, and can they give Brady time to get comfy and start picking everyone apart- again. They seemed to handle the Jaguars defense pretty well, something some pundits seems to have forgotten. Gronk is supposed to be 100%, and that scares everyone on both sides, as he can explode and take over, or go down and never be seen again. I do think the best chance the Iggles have is to run run run and pass when they are 3rd and 6 or worse. The Pats have to take advantage of mistakes that will come if the Eagles get cute.

I’m going to take the Pats, but I am not confident in it, at all. 27-18

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