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Super Bowl XLII: Giants derail Patriots’ bid for perfection

1) There have been fifty-one Super Bowls since the game was first played on was played on January 15, 1967 when the NFL champs Green Bay Packers beat the AFL champs Kansas City Chiefs 35-10.

Which Super Bowl was the best one?

Chad: I’d the Giants and Patriots from Super Bowl 42 and all the drama of the undefeated season on the line.

Joe: For pure excitement I really do like Super Bowl XIII… Pittsburgh Steelers 35, Dallas cowboys 31.

But, I think for best ever, it has to be SB LI because of the greatest comeback ever in the history of all the Super Bowls, if not one of the best ever in NFL history

On a personal note… as Chad said last week… that really hurt to give the damn Patriots credit. As a Jet fan.. it really did hurt.

David: Now to be honest, I have only seen the ones since 1981, and I did miss Super Bowl 1992 with the US Army, so, that’s what, 35 Super Bowls? My Panthers have been in 2, and both were solid games, I do tend to look more fondly on the first one, where John Kasey kicked the ball out of bounds to let the Pats back in the game. Pittsburgh/Arizona comes to mind, and the Saints/Colts as well, as the wife is a Saints fan. I’d have to look at those as the best ones.

2) Did the New York Giants get it right by hiring as their next HC Pat Shurmer? Why or why not?  

Chad: They got an offensive mind to help develop a young QB which is exactly what they need at this point in their franchise history.

Joe: I’m not sure why but Ben McAdoo wound up begin a disaster in NY. To be sure the GM Jerry Reese was a huge part of that disaster  but McAdoo wound up being really ineffective.  So, any change at this point I figure had to be an improvement.

Two things I liked about the Giants hiring Shurmer… the Giants went outside the organization fo the hire, so the man they got is not tied to the Giants’ culture in any way. And, the guy is said to be a really good offensive tactician. And, that is something the Giants need. Their defense usually is pretty damn good, but their offense has been in funk for years now. Hopefully, Shurmer brings a new identity to the Giants and they open it somewhat on offense to try and score some points.

David: The question is what talent does the GM bring to the table. I don’t think the Giants can come back to relevance with any coach without a solid GM. I do think an offensive Coach was the way to go, so no problems here.

3) Teams are not supposed to announce coaching hires if the team that person they want to hire team is still in the playoffs. Still, it is widely rumored, if not already a reality, that the Indianapolis Colts will offer the Patriots OC Josh McDaniels their HC job and that McDaniels will accept the offer.

What is your opinion regarding this hire and can McDaniels get the Colts back to being relevant in the NFL? Can he get the Colts back in the playoffs as soon as next year?

Josh McDaniels

Chad: I think it is a good hire for them with an offensive mind like McDaniels who will have Andrew Luck presumably so that will help immediately. There is a lot to do with the team so it may take time to get them back to the playoffs.

Joe: The Pats offense is always good. That alone is something that McDaniels will bring to the Colts that should help them immensely.

McDaniels is also widely credited with helping develop Tom Brady into arguably the best quarterback in NFL history. And, while his tenure as Denver’s HC in 2009 and 2010 ended badly… fired four games into his second season, although the team went 11-7 before he was released…  his system developed Kyle Orton into an effective QB as Orton set career highs for pass attempts, completions, passing yards, TD passes and passer rating while tying his career low for interceptions. Orton’s 3,802 yards were the sixth highest for a season in Broncos history.

With a healthy Andrew Luck in 2018, hell, maybe he could make the Colts offense relevant again, and maybe even back into the playoffs again.

David: Again, the Colts were failed by the GM. Unless we get a healthy Luck, Vince Lombardi and Bill Walsh could coach this team and it wouldn’t matter.

I think it will be interesting to see what happens to the Pats going forward moreso than the effect on the Colts, Charlie Weis was not thought to really be the mastermind behind the Pats offense like Josh McDaniels is.

4) The same thing that was asked in question 3 is relevant to this question also…

Patriots present DC Matt Patricia is expected to be offered the Detroit Lions HC job as soon as SB LII is final, and that he too will accept the offer.

What is your opinion regarding the Lions hiring Patricia and how soon can he get the Lions back to being relevant in the NFL, if not a playoff team?

Matt Patricia

Chad: I think a Defensive mind is what the Lions needed with Matt Stafford at QB to try and push them over the top. Though with Minnesota and a possible healthy Aaron Rodgers next year along with an improving Bears team the North will be competitive in a hurry.

Joe: Patricia is a man of details and known as a very sharp minded defensive tactician. In the beginning of this past season the Pats defense in a word… sucked. But, by year’s end while they may have been not the best team in the final tally of total defense, they were one of the stringiest teams in points yielded.

Patricia knows how to change things on the fly so a team can be competitive and effective. That’s probably something any team can use at their HC position. It is no guarantee that being a defensive genius will make a person a good HC (see Buddy Ryan among many others) but I just have a feeling Patricia is cut from the same cloth as his present boss… Bill Belichick… is and he is going to be a very successful HC wherever he goes.

I think the Lions will become very relevant in the NFL with his hiring.

David: I think the Lions are very close to being relevant. Patricia is well thought of, and goodness knows Romeo was a solid coach when he left the Hoodie. Detroit has a lot of talent, but the Hoodie coaching tree is not exactly the same as the Reid Tree. I am pulling for the guy, as I do like the old-school type coaches. I do think the Lions are close, and if he’s a good coach, he will be very successful.

5) Arguably Tom Brady could be called the best NFL QB ever. The same is true of Bill Belichick being labelled as the best NFL HC ever, too.

But putting both discussions off…

Who contributed more to the New England Patriots’ present dynasty… Tom Brady or Bill Belichick?  

Who contributed more to the New England Patriots’ present dynasty… Tom Brady or Bill Belichick?

Chad: It would be Belichick because he saw something in Brady to draft him

Joe: We might have never known what would have been if Tom Brady never got a chance to shine because of an injury to Drew Beldsoe, where Brady took over and went on to lead the team to 11 wins in 14 games and eventually a win at Super Bowl XXXVI and his first SB MVP award. To me, right now, I have to call Tom Brady the best NFL QB I have ever seen.

Having said that, what can anyone say about Bill Belichick and his masterful career as HC since coming to the Patriots that has not already been said? To me he is the greatest HC I even have seen.

However, between the two men, I give the edge to the HC.

Why? Because in my mind it is Bill Belichick’s system, not any one single player that makes the Patriots dynasty what it is.

 David: The Hoodie went 11-5 with Matt Cassel at QB. Are we looking at Brady as the second best QB of the Super Bowl Era if he’s drafted by the Fins? How was the Hoodie in Cleveland? Tom Brady has nothing to do with the Pats defense, but the Hoodie is all over that. I think its a perfect marriage, but I’d lean Hoodie 55-45% on who is the most responsible. 



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