Pounding 7’s: 1984 Power Rankings

1984 Power Rankings

Hey Hey Wrestling fans and welcome to 1984. That is where we are in our series featuring the Power Rankings of the 1980’s. Last week, Ric Flair took the top spot once again, and we may have seen the birth of Hulkamania. What is in store for you all this week? Will Flair three-peat? Or will we see a changing of the guard? Which wrestler from 1984 will fall out, and which will make his debut? Find out all these answers right now!

7. Wahoo McDaniel

Wahoo McDaniel won the United States Championship over Ricky Steamboat in June of 1984, only to have the title stripped from him due to interference. He would regain the championship in October in a tournament final over Manny Fernandez.

6. Greg Valentine

Last week Greg Valentine was a part of the 83 Power Rankings for his work as the United States Championship. This week, it is for his work as the Intercontinental Champion. Valentine defeated Tito Santana on September 24th, 1984 to win his first Intercontinental Championship.

5. Tito Santana

A newcomer to the Power Rankings. Tito Santana defeated Don Muraco in January of 84 to become the Intercontinental Champion. He would go on to hold the championship all the way until September when he lost the championship to Valentine.

4. The Fabulous Moolah

So my apologies about not including the Fabulous Moolah, but she has to be considered the greatest female wrestler that ever laced up the boots. Moolah was the champion from 1978 up until June of 1984, where she lost to Wendi Richter, though she was easily the top contender for the championship.

3. Rick Martel

Rick Martel came out of nowhere to defeat Nick Bockwinkle to win the AWA World Heavyweight Championship. He would hold the championship the rest of the year after winning it in May. Martel, quietly held the AWA World Championship for a record number of consecutive days.

2. Hulk Hogan

Hulkamania was born on January 24th, 1984 when he defeated the Iron Sheik in Madison Square Garden to win the World Wrestling Federation Championship. Hogan would go on to hold the championship the entire year, with the exception of those 24 days in January, and he faced nearly everyone on the WWF roster.

1. Ric Flair

A sixteen time world champion, but a three peater here on the Power Rankings. Flair was still the man in 1984, holding the NWA World Heavyweight title for the duration of the year, minus about three weeks, when he lost it to Kerry Von Erich in Japan. Flair proved that he was the man to beat in 84…and counting.

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