Wrestling Roundtable- Royal Rumble Edition

Hey there wrestling fans and welcome one and all to the Wrestling Roundtable the Royal Rumble Edition. The Rumble will air tonight at 6pm on the WWE Network. this Roundtable our distinguished panelists will give our bold predictions of this years Rumble event. We will also reflect on Royal Rumble’s of the past. What was our favorite memory of the Rumble? Who wins this Sunday? Let’s not waste any time let’s get to it.


What are your bold predictions for the Royal Rumble?

Steve: I am going out on a limb here and will completely agree with my colleagues. Roman Reigns will emerge victorious as the winner of the Men’s side of the Royal Rumble. It is inevitable now that the Miz won the Intercontinental Championship from Reigns last Monday. I think we will see Asuka win the womens Rumble, however in a twist. Ronda Rousey will make her WWE debut, she will come out, and clean house, beat the ever living crap out of whoever is in there, and then simply leave. This gives Asuka the win, all while making Rousey look like a complete bad ass. In the matches, I think Lesnar will retain the Universal title by beating Kane. This will save face for Strowman to come back and win it later this year. I think we may see a new WWE Champion. I think Zayn and Owens will pin Styles at the same time, claiming to be co-champions. However, Shane will pull one over on them and say that neither are the champion. The title will be held up and defended at the Elimination Chamber match with AJ coming out on top. I think we see new Raw Tag team champions as Jason Jordan will do something stupid to cost he and Seth the titles. I think the Usos will retain their belts over Gable and Benjamin.

Frosh: Ok, so SHOCKER, I think ROMAN REIGNS wins the men’s match.   Sure Daniel Bryan has surged in Vegas betting odds, Shinsuke Nakamura seems like a likely bet, and I even postulated about CM Punk returning, but we all know how WWE creative works.  They aren’t good enough to do something actually suprising, that makes sense.  Asuka wins the women’s rumble as that is the only move that makes sense…but in this case, is also the right move.  And SNOOZE ALERT, Brock Lesnar will retain, setting up Lesnar Vs. Reigns at WrestleMania, the match that NO ONE wants to see (except Vince)!  AJ will also likely retain.  I can see the tag team belts finally being taken off of the Usos.  Although it should be to Rusev Day…Seth Rollins and Jordan will lose the titles to the Bar, setting up the official Jordan heel turn, where he possibly takes on his father at ‘Mania.

Chad: Roman Reigns does win the Royal Rumble. I think Elias and Baron Corbin have a strong showing. I think Jordan and Rollins finally implode in the tag title match.

In your opinion, who has been the most unlikely winner of a Royal Rumble match?


Frosh: If we are talking about this year, then, aside from Crash Holly (pictured above), who happens to be dead, sadly, I think the least likely winners will be anyone but Roman Reigns.  Now that he has dropped the IC belt, and without something to set up a rematch, I think he is a lock to win.  If we are talking about previous winners, then probably Alberto Del Rio or Sheamus, as I never thought either of those guys were really over enough to get a first class ticket to main event WrestleMania, and there were clearly better options in their respective Rumbles.

Chad: I would probably put it a tie between Benoit in 2004 and Mysterio in 2006 just because they were both smaller guys who basically had to go the distance to win and both had to go through some obstacles in the match.

What is your favorite Royal Rumble memory?

Steve: I think it has to be Flair in 1992, winning the Royal Rumble and the WWF Championship after entering in at number three, and then lasting an hour. One of my all time favorite moments in history, not just the Royal Rumble match.

Frosh: Not from the Rumble match itself, but from Royal Rumble ’94, The Undertaker vs. Yokozuna in a Casket Match… I loved that match, it was awesome.  Even though Taker lost due to MASSIVE outside interference, it had all the stuff it needed to have.  The psychology of the match was excellent.  Yokozuna portrayed his fear of caskets and the Undertaker perfectly.

Chad: Absolute shocks are the best so probably a tie between Cena in 2008 and Edge in 2010 returning with no heads up late in the rumble to win the thing were very cool moments.

Agree or Disagree: The winner of this year’s Royal Rumble both men and women will win the championship at Wrestlemania?

Steve: I’ll agree with this. Reigns will defeat Lesnar, and Asuka will defeat Alexa Bliss. Sadly, because Alexa is my future ex-wife. I think her run is over at Mania.

Frosh: Agree.  With the predictions I have made, it is the only thing that makes sense.  Lesnar is done after ‘Mania, so you will have Reigns win, and Asuka will be undefeated through ‘Mania, possibly to next year’s flagship PPV.

Chad: I’m pretty sure the Women’s Rumble winner will win at Mania; I’m not 100% sure about the Men’s Winner actually getting the Belt at Mania; so I will disagree

Who do you see as a surprise entrant in this years Royal Rumble? It can be either men or women, or both.

Steve: With the exception of Maryse and Maria because they are with child. I think all the women you saw on stage last Monday night may be in the womens Royal Rumble. The Bella Twins, Trish Stratus, Jacqueline, Kelly Kelly, hell why not throw Lillian Garcia in there to see what she can do. I would not be that surprised to see Emma back either. On the men’s side, with the expanded rosters going into NXT, I don’t think we will see any major surprises. Maybe Ethan Carter III may make an appearance, and I think we will see Adam Cole enter the Rumble and will have the best showing out of any NXT guy.

Frosh: Vegas betting odds say Daniel Bryan.  I have postulated CM Punk.  There are always at least one or two.  Hopefully it isn’t a throw away like Drew Carey (pictured above).  EC3 could also make an appearance.  I mean, any wrestler, ever, has an opportunity to appear.  Even Michael Cole has been in the Royal Rumble….sigh….

Chad: Based on announced entrants; also taking into account likely entry: Men- Ziggler, Undertaker, Big Show; could Jericho come back to WWE? being in Philly some ECW alum, I’ll say Roderick Strong from NXT. For the Women: just any former champion that has good relations with the WWE has a shot to be an entrant.

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