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Hey Hey Wrestling fans, welcome to the Wrestling Roundtable. The only Roundtable in internet land sure to create more controversy than Crash Holly winning the WWE Championship. This week we have a ton of stuff to cover. The Miz won the Intercontinental Championship for the eighth time last Monday night on Raw over Roman Reigns. Where does the Miz rank among the all time great IC Champions? Also, a major player in the Crusierweight division finished? We discuss all this an much more!

1. Braun Strowman

Strowman once again dominated on Raw, ending the show by powerslamming Brock Lesnar through the announce table. Is this Strowman’s time to shine, and will he walk out of the Rumble as the new Universal Champion?

2. AJ Styles

The WWE Champion is confident that he will leave the Rumble this Sunday as the WWE Champion. However, “KAMI” may have something else to say about that.

3. The Miz

For the 8th time, The Miz captured the Intercontinental Championship as he defeated Roman Reigns this past Monday night at the 25th Anniversary Raw special. What is next for the Miz?

4. Asuka

Asuka has to be the favorite going into the Royal Rumble match this Sunday, she proved that she is capable of throwing her opponents over the top rope as she proved that on Monday night.

5. The Balor Club

No team is hotter right now than the Balor Club. A stamp of approval from the Chief Operating Officer showed us that big things could be in store for these three.

With the Miz winning the Intercontinental Championship this past Monday night on Raw. Are you now prepared to say that the Miz is in fact, the Greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time?

Steve: Easily he is the best. He actually moved up to number three on the all time days behind Don Muraco and Pedro Morales. If he can have a 97 day reign or better he will be the all time record holder for most days as IC Champion. He beats Jericho’s reigns as he has longer reigns at a time. I don’t think there is an argument to made here. Miz is by far the best IC Champion ever.

Frosh: I think he is easily in that conversation, and would entertain the argument that he is the best.  However, in order to cement himself into that spot, he needs just a bit more.  Give him 2 more reigns to beat Jericho’s record and a big ‘Mania moment, like with a ladder match, and you got yourself a deal.  Side note, I think the match for his 10th reign should be against Jericho himself, after the title had been vacated for some reason.  That would add a depth, a match for the best of all time.

Chad:  Right now for me he has to be close top 2 or 3  with Jericho at 9 reigns and Razor Ramon has to be included in the conversation.

Are you at all interested in seeing the Undertaker compete at Wrestlemania this year? If so, who do you book him to face?

Steve: The only person that he can face off against is John Cena or Sting. I don’t see Sting returning, so if it is not Cena, I don’t know who I would want seeing Taker face. He has lost a step, or two, or three, or four.

Frosh: I am and have been one of the biggest fans of the Undertaker.  That said, he should have retired a few years ago.  You can tell he is not the same performer that he used to be, and cannot give the same quality of performances.  Age hits EVERYBODY.  I want Taker to be able to enjoy the later part of his life, not be riddled with pain and disability from trying to go too hard for too long.

Chad: Honestly, WM 33 was the perfect swan song for Undertaker; Some people will argue that Taker is a strong enough character that he should go out on top but I think the presentation of the beating from Roman Reigns, and the finality of his gear in the ring along with his words at Raw 25 were a “retirement”

Enzo Amore was released by the WWE this week for allegations stemming from sexual assault. More details have come out, and it appears that his accuser is in fact accusing him of actual rape. Enzo was the Cruiserweight Champion upon his release. So what does this do for the entire Crusierweight division now that two of their top stars were released or suspended?

Steve: What a stupid idiot. That is all I have to say. I have never been a fan of the Cruiserweight division anyway, so I say they need to do away with it. I can’t see it surviving with two of their top stars being canned from the industry in such a short time from each other.

Frosh: Well, if there is even a sliver of truth to these allegations (which it appears as it is true, even though Enzo has denied it), Enzo is done, forever, with any wrestling organization worth anything.  As far as 205, they need someone charismatic to take his place…which is NOT Cedric Alexander, or Hideo Itami….unfortunately, I have seen more personality out of  leftover spaghetti than those two seem to have combined.  Chad Gable is constantly billed at 202 lbs, get him over to the cruiserweights.  He can hold that division for a while.

Chad: I think it puts 205 Live in Jeopardy you had to have Enzo on there because of the departures of Aries and Neville who were unhappy with the division and the direction as a whole. If it continues I think you need a Cedric Alexander or possibly Itami to carry the division going forward.

Agree or Disagree: Elias will win a singles championship before the end of the year?

Steve: Im going to reluctantly disagree with this. I think Elias is over right now with fans, and is getting involved with many top tier wrestlers and segments, as shown with John Cena. I see him as a champion some day, but it wont be in 2018 even though I would love to see it.

Frosh: Assuming he doesn’t do something stupid and ruin it for himself, he will definitely hold a mid card title this year.  Likely the IC belt, as I see that way a bit easier for him than the US Championship.

Chad:  I definitely could see him getting an IC title reign in sometime in the 2nd half of the year. I think Miz keeps it til Wrestlemania or until Jeff Hardy returns; drops it to a babyface and they run with it til they get to Elias.

Monday night, The Balor Club (Balor, Gallows, and Anderson) appeared to get a nod of approval from Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and the rest of D-Generation X in their win over The Revival. How big is this for the careers of the Balor Club?

Steve: To quote the Donald.. this is HUUUUGE. This is great for Finn Balor and the Balor Club to get such a high endorsement. It tells me that they are in for much bigger things in the coming months.

Frosh: This is a big deal.  HHH is not the type of guy to give his stamp of approval to just anyone.  Obviously there are big things in store for the Balor Club.  I wouldn’t look as soon as ‘Mania, although they will have a high profile match, probably a 6 man tag match, but by SummerSlam, gold will be coming their way. (perhaps, if my previous theory is true, CM Punk wins the Rumble, wins the title at ‘Mania from AJ Styles, and Balor Club moves to Smackdown in a shakeup, setting up Balor vs. CM Punk at SummerSlam…..[but it is not true, as I just recently read that Punk has another UFC fight, sigh])

Chad:  I think it is huge for the careers; I think the Club starts winning gold with the “Good Brothers” getting tag gold possibly as quick as Wrestlemania. To me it has to put Finn Balor in the top end as far as favorites to win the Rumble match Sunday. On a side note where does the Revival go from here as a tag team and in storyline, Do they become the Ascension of Raw?

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