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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Well the NBA had a thirdcoach fired this year last week. Jason Kidd was fired from the Milwaukee Bucks after going 139-152 in 3 plus seasons. This week we will discuss the problems with Markelle Fultz, the various fights that have gone on around the NBA recently that, and so much more on this edition of NBA RoundTable.

Here are the Questions:

Markelle Fultz has only played 4 games this season. A couple of weeks ago they showed him warming up just before a 76ers game, where he completely changed his shot from colloge. Is Fultz already a busts?

Todd: I don’t knnow what is going on with him but his shot is awfull. I could probably go out there and make more shots than he can at this point and I have not shot a basketball in 20 years. I don’t know if he is a bust but if they are just waiting for his shot to fall and he is not injured he should get out there and play to shows what he has.

Steve: I cannot call him a bust as of right now just because he has not played much. I mean did we call Joel Embiid a bust? Look at him now, he is in the starting lineup as an All Star. I won’t call him a bust as of yet, maybe a bust this year, but I think he can still be a good solid player once he has time to develop and get some minutes under his belt.

Chad: I can’t say he is a bust as 4 games to me is not enough of a sample size to determine how somebody will be in their NBA career.

What are your thoughts about all the fights that have been going on around the NBA as of the last week or so? Do you think it is good or bad for the NBA?

Todd: This brings us back to the old days when it would happen every other day. This is what a real rivalry is all about. It is probably not good for todays NBA but it is good for the old school NBA fan who likes to watch it. Really Trevor Ariza, you actually called Austin Rivers and kissed and made up. That is the problem with the NBA today. There is too much hugging and kissing before and after the game. It is ruining the real in game rivalries.

Steve: Im indifferent. I mean these players are really frustrated with the calls that the referees are making. I don’t think it is a good image for the NBA, but it does make for some good TV.

Chad: I really dont have much to say on the matter as I think the vast majority of NBA fights are pretty silly to begin with.

The Charlotte Hornets are reportedly open to trading Kemba Walker to unload one or more of there bad contracts. Is this a smart move by the Organization?

Steve: If it gets a bad contract off their books, then yes it is a good move for them. Walker has not amounted to much in the NBA and is vastly overpaid. So yes, it is a good move for Charlotte.

Chad: With the contracts and the financial situation of the Hornets I feel as this a necessary as I don’t feel like they could have kept him as a free agent.

Coming in to the season the Cavaliers were the clear pick to come out of the East. Mid way thru the season there are a lot of questions about weather they can even get the number one seed. In your opinion can the Cavaliers win the East with the current team they have now?

Todd: Well a few weeks ago I didn’t think they could but now I changed my mind. I think anyone in the East who makes the playoffs are cabable of making the Finals. I think the Eastern Conference is up in the air and there is no clear favorite.

Steve: Sure they can, they have proven that they can win, and anytime you have a LeBron James on your team, you have a decent shot at winning a championship no matter who is on your team. LeBron has admitted that this has been a tough year for the Cavs and one of his toughest as a player. So they have some work to do, but they can right the ship come playoff time. Will they? That is another question.

Chad: With the current team that they have now I say that there is no way that they can win the east I think Boston is better than Cleveland and would beat them in a 7 game series?

LeBron James has surpassed the 30,000 point mark this past weekend. Do you think he will become the NBA all time leading scorer and break Kareem Abdul Jabbar record 38,387?

Todd: Well Chad already broke down the numbers for you so I am not going to repeat him. I will say this. If LeBron James don’t break the record no one will. I know what you are saying Steve said Kevin Durant will do it. Here is why I don’t think he will do it. Because he is more fragile than both Kobe Bryant and LeBron James and father time is gonna hit him far before it hit either of them. Plus players rest more theses days because they are so tired.

Steve: He has an outside chance at it, but I think he will come up just a bit short to pass Jabbar. He is getting up there in age, and his play has probably already peaked. I can see him top three, but Kareem is safe for now. I think Durant has the best shot of current players to surpass KAJ.

Chad: Here is the math that would be required: He needs to average 21.6 points in 70 games per season from 2018-19 through 2022-23 when he’s 38 years old. Do I think he can do absolutely I think that question will be more if he wants to continue playing for that long

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