Movie Review: Hurt

This is another one of the American Horror Story Set I have, Home of Cursed. Let’s start off first that that’s just a bad name for a movie! I mean I can’t believe it hasn’t been used before, but it doesn’t help the movie there’s no real actually hurt or harm whatever you want to call it being used here. When I finished the movie, I had to search for it, and of course, Google had to slap a million results on it- Google Hurt Horror Movie or Harm Horror Movie- I had to go find the box to make sure I had the year and right name. Just a horrible name- but to be honest, I bet a lot of Filmmakers wish they had thought of it. Kinda like White Zombie- how has that not been reused in the current decade?

So let’s start off here. Basic Plot is a woman’s husband dies, she ends up having to move back in with her brother played by one of those guys that you know. Not well enough to know his name but still- I look him up on IMDb I’ve seen 9 movies he was in, and I’ve seen a ton of TV shows he’s in and it’s kind of funny because I couldn’t pick out where exactly I knew him from but again, I have never seen LOST and that’s supposed to be his big thing.
Moving on, the Mom moves in with him then she gets called to go pick up some girl that has some relationship related to her husband, not fully told here but there’s a backstory with the girl and her dead husband.

So the mom goes to an orphanage and the girl is hung upside down and being beaten by the other kids and so not only is a mom trying to settle her kids to this out of the wall area with her brother while she’s waiting on her money to come in from the dead husband’s estate she’s also got to deal with the son who’s trying to be this artist and stuck-up daughter and the other daughter and there’s just way too much interaction for a movie this slow. We don’t care about anybody here and really have no reason to. If you watched Medium, you know the new girl, and you think they’re going to give her something to do, she’s going to be the one that matters to Mom, but we don’t see a ton here that matters.

That’s the biggest problem here. I can deal with slow movies- I enjoy slow movies especially if they’re older movies when you have a better cast of directors to be quite honest with you, but when the movie is slow as dirt it’s hard to do

So the Girl from Medium has the same facial expression, she hasn’t gotten any better, but the brother’s girlfriend disappears and other odd things start happening, they start kind of digging a bit of history and it deals basically ends up showing what happened with the daughter and the dead husband and of course the estate doesn’t turn up being anything, and the mom’s brother ends up being creepy for absolutely no reason.

You would think when you have this big elaborate setup you would get some kind of great climax- NOPE. Then at the end the Girl From Medium just exposition dumps everything to you anyway, just incase you fell asleep. The final problem is this movie is dang near bloodless. The Blood budget had to be like 16 bucks. One “kill” we see this whole rig where some equipment out in the junkyard and it cuts away as soon as the stuff starts falling we don’t see anything at all.

So yeah, slow story for no reason- we don’t care about the characters, the only good actor is gone for long streaches and pops in during lunch breaks, I suppose, and then the kills and payoffs just are lousy. I’m going full 0 here.

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