Conference title Picks!

Welcome to the NFL Conference title picks!

Last week I lost 50 on Falcons, Won 11 on Pats, won 285 on Jags, lost 250 on Saints,

Total – 24 for a 476 bankroll.

For the picks, only Steve got the Eagles, only DJ took the Titans, David and Todd got the Jaguars, and only Todd took the Vikings. So we are all over the place.

Philadelphia vs Minnesota

Joe:  A defensive battle all the way.
No miracle passes this time from anyone. I really do believe in the Vikings after they won last weekend. I admit it. They shocked me. I didn’t think they would score like they did
The Eagles also made me into a believer. They also shocked me
Despite them being an early dog… I’m taking the Eagles at home… 18-12. Foles plays error free and does just enough.
Chad: Vikings
Todd: Minnesota will become the first team in NFL history to host a Super Bowl in their him Stadium by defeating the Eagles.
DJ: Eagles
Steve:  Minnesota over Philadelphia
After the last second 61 yard TD pass to advance, I don’t see anything stopping the Vikings. It seems like luck is on their side and there will be the first home game for a conference champion in the Super Bowl. Vikings win 28-17
David: Min -155 and Phi +135
I picked against both of these teams last week, and I feel that the Vikings won that game, and the Falcons gave away that game. That Vikings defense is real, they are at home, and the other team still has Nick Foles leading them. Putting 230 on Minny to win 200.
Jacksonville vs New England
Joe: The Jaguars ride is over. Maybe its not quite the blowout Brady lead against the Titans but Patriots cover the spread, which is nine… 24-10 final score.
Chad: Patriots

Todd: Jaguars are gonna crush the Patriots.

DJ: Pats
Steve: New England over Jacksonville
Again, just like last week, I really want to pick the Jaguars in this game to advance to their first Super Bowl. They have the defense to stop Brady, but I think the story ends for the Jags in New England. Close game 31-27
David: +270 on Jax and -340 on NE
I’m not worried about the Brady injury. I think it’s a ploy for TB12 to write his sequel, how to win the AFC with literally one hand tied behind his back. The bigger injury I’m worried about is Fournette. If he is 100% then the Jags can take time off the clock at will. I don’t think they can convert enough 3rd and 5s to make it a game late, but still.
Putting 170 on the pats to win 50.

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