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a certain WWE female superstar finished at such a young age? Who is this superstar, and where does she rank among the all time greats? We discuss all this and so much more.

Hey there wrestling fans and I welcome you all to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we have a lot to cover, as the very first inductee into the Hall of Fame was announced this past Monday night. Who is it, and what are our thoughts? Also, a certain WWE female superstar finished at such a young age? Who is this superstar, and where does she rank among the all time greats? We discuss all this and so much more.

Also before we start. Frosh and I got into a pretty heated discussion this past week about who the greatest tag team wrestler of all time is. I said Arn Anderson as he was a tag team specialist with multiple tag team partners for the better part of the eighties and early nineties. He says Kane, as he was a twelve time tag team champion, with an astounding eight different tag team partners. Who do you think is the greatest tag team wrestler of all time? Is it Kane? Arn? or someone else?

1. Braun Strowman 

Fired, Rehired, and causing mass destruction and chaos last Monday night. Braun Strowman is heading into his Universal title match the most feared wrestler to step foot inside a championship match.

2. Roman Reigns 

Whether its the Miz next Monday, or both Axel and Dallas in a handicap match. There is no denying the Intercontinental Champion is red hot entering into 2018.

3. AJ Styles 

The WWE Champion is ready for his handicap match against Owens and Styles. The deck is still stacked against him, but he is confident he will overcome the challenge.

4. Asuka

Still undefeated after a win over Nia Jax on Raw. Is Asuka the odds on favorite to win the Royal Rumble?

Frosh: Yes, she is.

5. Bobby Roode

We have Glorious new United States Champion. Bobby Roode won the United States Championship tournament this past Tuesday on Raw, defeating Mojo Rawley, and Jinder Mahal on the same night. How long will Roode hold on to the title?

Goldberg was announced as the featured inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2018. What are your thought on his induction, did the WWE get this feature correct?

Steve: It is not surprising to me that Goldberg is entering the Hall of Fame this year. He is still fresh on the minds of the fans as he just just a year removed from main eventing Wrestlemania last year. Goldberg definitely deserves the accolade (Not by Rusev), and even though he had a much shorter career than most. In a short time, he won the WCW World Title twice, the WWE Championship, the Universal Championship, WCW Tag Team and United States Championship as well.

Frosh: He absolutely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.  I think though, this is a sign that his in ring career is officially done.  This guy was THE image of wrestling in the late ’90’s.   He was a true phenomenon.  Are there others that I would like to see in the Hall?  Sure, but not at the expense of Goldberg.

Chad: For his entire career and what he meant to Wrestling in the Late 90’s absolutely deserving to be in the Hall of Fame

Paige recently suffered an injury in a match against Sasha Banks at a LIVE show. The injury was so severe that doctors are saying she should never wrestle again, and they will not clear her. So if in fact Paige’s career is over at such a young age. Where does she rank among the all time greats in the WWE Womens division?

Steve: Very sad what happened to Paige, but anytime you come back from a head or neck injury, you are subject to further injury. While Paige was over with the fans, and had the potential of being one of the best in the business down the road. I can’t even put her in my top 20 as we stand right now. She was one of my personal favorites, and I think had she been able to last a few more years, and get a few more titles under her belt, she could have been in the top ten?

Frosh: I guess I will be alone in saying that Paige, being a two-time diva’s/women’s champ, and the first ever NXT women’s champion (and the only person to hold both simultaneously), is in the discussion of the greats.  It is a shame that she is out at so young, as there was still a lot to do.  But she will be an inductee into the Hall of Fame.  And do not forget, she has a lot she can still offer to the WWE as a coach, or manager.

Chad: For me she’s not that high up on the list as to me there was not the career longevity to really necessitate a higher ranking.

Simple question: Will Daniel Bryan ever wrestle for the WWE again?

Steve: I don’t think so. Daniel Bryan has been partially cleared to wrestle by some doctors, but the WWE is still reluctant to let him wrestle. The only way this happens is if he is in a tag team match, or some sort of specialty match where he does not have to do too much activity and put his body through hell. He has a child and a family to think about, and as we saw with Paige coming back from a head/neck injury, I can’t see the WWE letting him close to active competition.

Frosh: It all depends on a couple of things.  Does WWE think the benefits would outweigh the risk of injury?  Even if he is cleared by his own doctors, those guys aren’t necessarily WWE doctors, who work with superstars non-stop and see, real-time the toll it takes on you.  Don’t get me wrong, I am sure they are professionals and would not clear Daniel if they didn’t think he was capable.  But its kind of like being a doctor in the hospital vs a front line war medic.  In the hospital, you know how to treat everything, but you don’t get that first hand experience.

Chad: I will Yes, somehow someway he gets cleared for a big final match before his contract expires.

Some people have said that Total Divas has taken away from the characters from Raw and Smackdown. Example: Nia Jax is a massive beast but in Total Divas she is a shy sweet girl. Miz is a compete ass on TV, but seems to have a great time and fun loving on the show. Same for Rusev and his character. Has Total Divas changed your outlook on the way you view the characters on Raw and Smackdown weekly?

Steve: Kind of I guess, I mean now when Nia Jax comes out, I see her as a cast member of Total Divas and she is far from the beast that she is on TV. Same with Rusev, he is hilarous on Total Divas, and just recently is portraying to be a comic gimmick with Rusev day. I guess it has some effect, but it is just acting, and the educated fan should realize that.

I don’t think it has a negative impact, just as when you see your favorite actors out for coffee, you don’t suddenly think “Well, now I can’t believe that Liam Neeson can kill half of Paris to find his missing daughter because I saw him at Starbucks.”  On the contrary, I think it enhances it, as you then see the women as real people. Nia wasn’t that interesting of a wrestling character until Total Divas.  Total Divas is what will open the way for  a full fledged Rusev face turn, or even a successful Miz face turn.

Chad: Not really, as I don’t really pay attention to the reality show to me how someone on a reality show acts shouldn’t deter from the in-ring persona.

Both Bobby Lashley and Ethan Carter III were released by TNA this past week. Will one, both, or neither end up signing with the WWE?

Steve: I see both of them eventually ending up in the WWE. Carter will probably start off in NXT, while I could see Lashley jumping right to the main roster. I could see EC3 making a surprise appearance at the Rumble as he is free to sign anywhere right now. Lashley still has until February before he can sign with the WWE. I do think we will see both sometime this year. Sooner rather than later.

Frosh: Probably.  I mean, as long as they still want to wrestle, WWE is the end-all.  Both are talented enough, and both have the name recognition (Bobby Lashley more-so).  Both have been in WWE before, so it kind of depends on any bridges burned vs how big WWE thinks they can be.

Chad: I believe both will end up in WWE but I believe that EC3 will be the first to arrive and have a longer stay.

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