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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Well we had an exciting night at Staples Center Monday Night where an altercation took place and the LAPD was called. This week we will discuss Lavar Ball shooting off at the mouth again, Buddy Hield and DeAaron Fox vs Bradley Beal and John Wall that, and so much more on this editon on NBA RoundTable.

Lets get started:

I am sure everyon has heard what LaVar Ball said about Luke Walton recently. How should the Lakers handle the loud mouth LaVar Ball? Is Rick Carlisle right that ESPN should stop covering LaVaR Ball?

Todd: Magic Johnson should grow some balls and tell LaVar Ball to shut the fuck up. Since the front office has not done anything like that yet it just says that they will be firing Luke Walton at the end of the year. That tweet by Jeanie don’t mean shit. It is just funny you have other coaches stand up for Luke before you see his own organization say anything and they really don’t stand up for him. As far as ESPN covering LaVar, I see both sides. He is a loud mouth because he knows someone is listening. That is how he gets attention. For ESPN is it news so they are gonna cover it.

Steve: I agree with this one hundred percent! Not only should ESPN stop covering Lavar Ball, but every publication in the entire world should stop covering this ass clown. I would even be a strong proponent to having the NBA bam Ball from appearing at NBA games, or face his son from getting fined and or suspended. I know what you’re saying, and I know it won’t happen, but something has to be done about him because this is becoming a distraction to the Lakers organization, and the entire NBA as a whole.

Chad: Like I have stated from the beginning of this saga they need to distance themselves as far away from him as possible. Yes, ESPN should stop covering him as he is the sports world version of a Kardashian and it needs to stop.

Agree or Disagree. This Tweet came in during players only on NBA TV bewtween the Lakers and Kings. Give Deaaron Fox and Buddy Hield a couple years.. they’re gonna be a better verson of John Wall and Bradley Beal.

Todd: Agree. I think Hield is almost there and give Fox a few more years and he will be right up there also.

Steve: I Disagree. Not because I don’t think Hield and Fox won’t be good, I just don’t see them being anywhere near the caliber of Wall or Beal for that matter. Hield hasn’t shown me that he has the making of a superstar in the NBA like we saw at Oklahoma. Fox may be an All Star down the road, but no way do I compare him to John Wall or Bradley Beal.

Chad: I disagree as I think Fox and Hield will be close to Wall and Beal however I don’t see them being better than the Wizards duo.

Agree or Disagree. Draymond Green says officials are ruining the game.

Todd: Disagree. It is the players that are ruining the game. They are spoiled little brats. They complain about every liitle call, just shut up and play ball. These guys probably wouldn’t last 2 seconds back in the 80’s. They would probably run home crying to their mommys.

Steve: They are not helping that’s for sure, but it’s the front office that is making the rule changes that is hurting the game. The refs are just doing their job.

Chad: Disagree, just from the standpoint you need officials to call the game.

On a scale of 1-10 how excited are you watch the All Star Game given the new format this year?

Todd: 1- Not interested at all. I tried voting for all the guys who never play because I thought the All Star Game was a joke. I will watch the Slam Dunk Contest and that is about it. Who wants to watch a game with no defense and each team is gonna score 200? That is just stupid.

Steve: 1- I have zero interest actually, but 0 was not an option. As an avid sports fan, I’m not interested in any All star game to be fair.

Chad: 2, It will still be the same kind of game just the teams are mixed match

Agree or Disagree. Paul Pierce said that Kevin Durant is the most dynamic scorer in NBA history.

Todd: Disagree. There were alot of dynamic scorers thru out the years. 2 of the more dynamic scorers were Michael Jorden and Kobe Bryant.

Steve: Wow this is tough. I’m gonna disagree though. Durant may be the most dynamic player in the NBA, but his teammate Steph Curry to me is the most dynamic scorer. Curry can score from damn near anywhere on the court. When he is on he is on. Durant is an all around better player, but scorer goes to Steph.

Chad: I can agree with this as at 6’10 he can bang down low, he can drive and finish at the rim, he can shoot mid range and 3pt with great efficiency so why not.

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