Movie Review: Darkman

Darkman came out in 1990 and was one of those movies that I never got around to seeing but I knew of it. They had a very good marketing campaign and to be quite honest with you, I knew it had Benny from LA Law. A show that I absolutely loved to watch and I think it’s one of those underrated shows that I wish they’d redo to be quite honest with you. To be perfectly frank with the size of Darkman and how he looks on the posters and everything I thought Benny was the villain or Darkman was the villain. Larry Drake just is awesome here.

We start up with a thug waiting for a showdown with Benny, and we have a nice little shootout- nothing to write home about but it’s pretty interesting the way it starts. I’m not going to worry about spoilers (this baby is 37 years old) but after the shootout Benny comes up and he’s got a cigar cutter which I will tell you are super sharp- and it a WHOA SHEET move he starts taking fingers. I am all in on this movie.

Flip over to the other side and it’s Liam Neeson who is working on skin cells for burn victims and for some reason they only last 99 minutes before they breakdown. His girlfriend is working for this urban developer and she had to come across some incriminating paperwork. If you don’t know where this is going, welcome to color movies, Grandpa. Liam Neeson has the paperwork, Benny shows up to take the paperwork, and dumps Neeson into the gimmick vat’o’boiling chemicals before our big explosion.

Here is where we get a bit different as Liam survives and gets some medical mumbo-jumbo about his adrenal glands are going into overdrive and his anger center is haywire. It could go somewhere, but to be honest, it doesn’t. If this was a TV pilot, I do think this could be amazing for character development. It’s ten minutes of skippable stuff.

So the movie really gets going as Liam discovers he can scan in peoples faces/hands (because all the equipment survived) and he can mimic it. Again, I’m thinking TV awesomeness here. Man give me a 90s Punisherish Darkman series on FOX.

So how is Darkman?

Rewatchable as hell. Benny is a flaming fireball of fun who seems to have done jack squat after Darkman and LA Law, but he plays an awesome evil dude. Liam is fun here and all the actors are doing great. Even the henchmen are a lot of fun. The effects are good at times then it seems like they ran out of money at the end and they get awful. By that time I’m all into the movie and I don’t care about the effects. I’m going high here. I mean like 8 here. I enjoyed the heck out of this one. The acting the storyline, the only really nitpicking I can do is the useless medical mess and we go from time stretching to speeding through stuff. I’ve seen this one on multiple cable channels recently, so you really need to watch this one. I’m gonna look for the DVD on this one.

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