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This week’s questions and discussion…

1) Regardless of what is being said for public perusal…

If you are David Gettleman, the Giants GM, do you dump or keep Eli? Why? 

Giants’ new general manager, Dave Gettleman (right) and Eli Manning

Chad: I think you need to trade Eli to do right by him and not have him end his career in a rebuild.

David: I do what I said the Browns should do last year.

Draft a QB. Hire a QB coach, tell those two to go away until November and take some WRs with you. Eli gets to play next year – and try and show off for another team. The bigger question is OBJ with Eli when he comes back?

Joe: Keep him.

Then draft a QB, have him understudy with Eli, and then actually put him into some games in at least the 4th quarter and pray to heaven above that as the GM you are right and he can be ready to play for the 2019 season at some point.

2) On Friday it was reported by various news sources that there was a disturbance in the force of the Evil Empire football style… aka the New England Patriots. The gist of the story said Brady had a snit regarding backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo and went to the owner Robert Kraft and whispered in his ear that Jimmy G. had to go. And over HC Bill Belichick’s protestations Kraft issued an edict that supported his golden oldie (41 in August) golden boy.

In your opinion who wins this pissing contest? Why?

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft are saying it’s all good in New England

Chad: Well, obviously sounds like Brady won by getting rid of the competition in Garoppolo.

David: Looking at bottom of check . . oh, Kraft.

The damage has been done, if the reports are real, then Brady got a guy moved. The Hoodie might get upset, but he’s got his team in the playoffs so its time to move on.

Joe: Brady. Because Kraft is in love with him after he led the Pats to that comeback in last year’s Super Bowl.

It is the wrong decision ,but right now Brady can do no wrong in Kraft’s  mind. And that is going to be the ultimate end of the Patriot dynasty in the long run. When Belichick leaves (piss him off enough he will leave) and Brady begins to break down (which is already slowly beginning) there will be no one around to pick up the pieces and rebuild the team the way Belichick would have done.

Bill Belichick

3) Continuing with the Patriots story line… If Brady and Kraft push Belichick into a corner what are the chances he eventually says “ The HC of the NEP quits” and takes his football mind and goes to another playground to continue his legacy?

Chad: I don’t see Bill going to another team, if he is done in NE, he is done with football.

David: I can’t the Hoodie coaching anywhere else. He retires, he’s done. No real reason to put up with anyone else, but hopefully he likes working in Carolina.

Joe: I doubt he goes elsewhere once he leaves the Pats but it would certainly be poetic justice if he went to either NY team and then built that team into a dynasty to replace the dynasty he built at New England.

4) Last NEP question…

Rumors have surfaced that Brady is finally tired of taking Belichick’s barbs and criticisms when he does “poorly” or errs on the field of play.

Is Brady acting like a spoiled, if not paranoid, child or does he have a legitimate leg to stand on? Why?

Brady tired of Belichick’s criticisms?

Chad: Tom Brady… you have 5 Super Bowl rings, who cares what Belichick thinks of you.

David: He’s a QB, everything goes along with ego. I do wonder about the cracks in the Patriots wall.

Joe: Short answer? Yep, he sure is acting like a spoiled brat. 

Sort of long answer… he knows who and what Belichick is and it is because of Belichik he now has five rings. So, put your big boy pants back on Tommie and stick to the plan that got you where you are today. Regardless of what you think you are not going to play until you are 45…  and if you do, then not at a high level and still win Super Bowl rings.

Almost every great QB has had to face the music eventually and when the time comes very few just go off quietly and retire. They mostly think they can still pull another rabbit… or ring… out of the hat. Brady is no exception. In every other case, to my knowledge, when push came to shove the coach/team always won out over the QB when it came time to determine personnel matters. One more time, Brady needs to STFU and let Belichick do his job and Kraft should realize what side his bread is really buttered on.

Is Brady one of the all-time greats? Without a doubt. Put Brady on the Jets this year and they make the playoffs and might even get to the AFC finals.  He might even have gotten the Giants into the playoffs, too. Put him on Cleveland, they win some games at the very least. But, in the end he is just another player on a team and without Belichick the Patriots never win the titles that they won regardless of how damn good Brady is.

5) How far do the Philadelphia Eagles get in this year’s playoffs? Why? 

Nick Foles

Chad: I have serious doubts about them being able to beat the Falcons, Nick Foles just doesn’t install faith in me to lead the team in the Playoffs; even if they win this week, I don’t see a Super Bowl appearance.

David: Depends on who they play. You need 24 points to beat them. The 3 NFL South teams can beat them, as they have defenses, and a QB that can put points on the board. Sadly, the Rams are out as of this writing, I have to think they can beat the Vikings. Perfect world? Atlanta-Minny-Pitt. I think they lose to the Saints/Panthers winner.

Joe: One and done. They will not beat the Falcons unless Nick Foles somehow reinvents himself and is able to start putting up some TDs on the scoreboard. I do not see that happening this weekend.

Falcons win 28-14.


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