NFL Divisional Predictions

Steve, DJ and Joe all took the Bills, as David and Todd showed that regular season success sometimes translates to the playoffs.

Everyone took the Chiefs- so Andy Reid screwed the panel as well.

Again, Steve DJ and Joe got the Saints over the Panthers, but David is more than happy that this is the final game where he has to watch Mike Shula call a screen pass 4 yards behind the line of scrimmage on 3rd and 14. Todd also missed the Saints.

Steve DJ and Joe are 3-1 at this point, David and Todd are 2-2. So lets see how we do this week.

Also, I’m going to add a bit to my predictions this week, just to see what I can do, as I do make Vegas comments on occasion. I’m going to give moneyline plays, since the moneyline bet is probably the easiest to understand for most people. I’m going to refer to the lines posted on ESPN. Maybe if I can get Todd to do them I’ll actually throw cash in here next season and maybe get “One and Done” to come back and pick. I’m using the Ceaser’s number because I like the dressing, and here in LA we don’t have any of those casinos.


Falcons vs Eagles

Joe: Eagles are outmanned and outgunned. Atlanta wins 24-10.

DJ: Falcons

Steve: Falcons over Eagles: Philadelphia is so vulnerable right now and Atlanta may be playing their best Football all season. I like Atlanta in a shootout.

Dan: Philadelphia Eagles

Todd: Atlanta over Philadelphia. After the last few weeks of the regular season Philadelphia looked horible on offense and with this bye week I feel they will come out rusty and Atlanta will take full advantage of it.

David: The moneyline here is ATL -155 and Philly +135,

I’m going to just put 50 on the Falcons here. It’s lousy odds, and I don’t like starting the series off here like that, but I just cannot see Philly winning outright with the way that offense staggers moving the ball. If the Eagles odds went to +150, I might be willing to put some small change on them, but I’d stay away from this game. (Win 77.50)

Titans vs Patriots

Joe: No upset this time by Tennessee as Brady and New England roll 35-7.

DJ: Titans

Steve: Patriots over Tennessee: Cinderella will fall here and it’s not going to be close. I think New England easily advances to the Conference title game for like the 50th time in a row

Dan: New England Patriots

Todd: New England over Tennessee. New England will come out on top but it will not be a blow out. It will be a close game and might come down to a last second field goal to win it.

David: The moneyline here is Tenn +700 and New England -1100.
Hard to bet anything here, I think I’d head over to Wynn and bet on -900 New England, but still. Might as well throw a quick Franklin on it and pick up my lunch money. (win 11.00)

Jaguars vs Steelers

Joe: Jaguars beat Steelers earlier in the year by 21. That ain’t happening this time around in the playoffs. Bortles ain’t playing versus the Bad News Bills so his legs won’t save him and the Jags. That 30-9 score in October? Reverse it, Steelers win 35-10.

DJ: Steelers

Steve: Steelers over Jacksonville: Man I want to take the Jaguars here with a stellar defense. However, I have to take Pittsburgh here. Jacksonville will keep it close but I see a 20-14 game.

Dan: Pittsburgh Steelers

Todd: Jacksonville over Pittsburgh. Yes Jacksonville will beat Pittsburgh one more time. I just feel the Jaguar defense is too good and can carry them past the Steelers.

 David: The moneyline here is Jax -285 and Pitt -370
I’m going to pick the Steelers, obviously, but I’m actually going to throw a C-Note on the Jaguars. The Steelers are in disarray, and I don’t know how good Tomlin can come up with ways to move the ball, and Bell’s already looking for a new contract and worrying about money. (Win 285)

Saints vs Vikings

Joe: I’m just feeling the Saints and Mr. “72% regular season completion rate” Drew Brees. Keenum just can’t provide enough offense and Viking defense cracks just enough for the Saints to pull off the upset 21-14.

DJ: Saints

Steve: Saints over Vikings: I don’t know why on this, maybe it’s the Vikings playoff woes that turn me away from them. I just see Brees and the Saints pulling it out in Minnesota.

Dan: New Orleans Saints

Todd: Minnesota over New Orleans. I picked the Vikings to go to the Super Bowl. They have one of the best defenses in the NFL and could be the first NFL team to host a Super Bowl.

David: The moneyline here is Minny -240 and the Saints +190
I’m taking the Saints here. I honestly think and have argued the Carolina was the best chance to beat the Saints in the NFC, and I stand by that. Going to put 250 on the Saints as my best bet. (win 475)

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