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Weed war is race war…

I admit it… I missed this. Maybe because it originally didn’t get that much coverage. Maybe because…well, I just didn’t see it because of a bunch of damn reasons, among them being I haven’t been watching a lot of news on TV lately and I frankly saw nothing either online or in my daily newspaper about this… that is, until just Tuesday morning…

Over the weekend some schmuck of an elephant… Kansas state representative Steve Alford… appeared at an event regarding marijuana legislation and got caught on video by a Garden City Telegram reporter saying “What you really need to do is go back in the ‘30s when they outlawed all types of drugs in Kansas, across the United States, what was the reason they did that? One of the reasons why, I hate to say it, the African-Americans, they were basically users. They basically responded the worst off those drugs just because (of) their character makeup, their genetics, and that.”

Steve Alford claims African Americans’ character, genetics make them susceptible to marijuana use

Yeah the reason I am writing this is because now… Tuesday morning… I am reading a copy of my on-line newspaper and it has the de rigueur fill-in-the-blanks apology from Alford where he says it was “wrong” to say Black folks get addicted to pot because of “their genetics.”

The article also points out… and rightfully so… that “Alford’s inaccurate comments drew upon a racist myth originally perpetuated by Harry Anslinger, the first commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, who in the 1930s said marijuana causes ‘darkies’ to think ‘they’re as good as white men.’ Anslinger also infamously said that marijuana makes white women ‘seek sexual relations with niggers.’”

Let’s ignore the facts that research disproves both assholes’ thoughts because it shows whitey is just a tad more inclined to “meet diagnostic criteria for substance-abuse disorder” than Black people.

What the holy hell is this schmuck from Kansas even thinking? Why the hell did he even open his mouth to try and utter what he thought (or maybe that is the problem he didn’t think) a somewhat recognizable sentence? The man needs to be removed from office. He didn’t “misspoke.” He didn’t get “misquoted.” It was on fucking video. He said what he said because he simply and obviously believes it. He is a goddam racist bastard who needs to get fired from his office.

He won’t.

But he should.

Look it… I am not about to belittle the latest campaign where people in high place and supposedly prestigious places are getting fired or pressured to resign over their sexual improprieties BUT we do not need to forget about racism either. Never should it take a back seat to anything. Nor should sexism or sexist behavior especially when it is abuse or rape. These issues need to be fought against side by side. Sexist behavior and racism need to be eradicated… expunged… from our society for the injustice and inequities and immoral and unethical realities they are. Freedom and justice must be for all people for all reasons and on all levels. People who abuse women… or men… in a sexual manner should be fired or forced to resign if not arrested for criminal activity. People who espouse racist attitudes and justifications for creating certain laws must also be fired or forced to resign.

As for that racist asswipe excuse of a human being… Anslinger… please.

Now, try telling me why these fucked up laws regarding marijuana aren’t racist at their very birth? Why all the laws regarding marijuana and its illegality aren’t racist and morally and ethically wrong right from the get go? It was just another tool used to try and subjugate mostly black folks from ever getting a foothold in what was… and still is on many levels… a white society.

It was mostly, if not entirely all begun by Anslinger who prior to the end of prohibition and the re-legalization of alcohol, Anslinger had always said that marijuana was not a problem, did not harm people, and that “there is no more absurd fallacy” than the idea it makes people violent.

However with the end of prohibition, the Department of Prohibition, which he headed, was about to become unnecessary and dissolved.

Anslinger decided to make marijuana the fall substance and began a campaign to outlaw and make it the scourge of America, and in particular a deadly threat against white America and all that is honorable and pure. The short story… you can Google his name and find ample and in-depth evidence of his immoral and unethical racist tactics… is that Anslinger manipulated evidence and testimony from medical people who mostly said that crimes that were committed were almost never associated with any of the criminals using marijuana. He also mostly ignored a report… in fact never allowed it to become public knowledge…  given to him by the American Medical Association in which 29 of 30 pharmacists and drug industry people objected to his proposals to ban marijuana and told him that it was not a dangerous drug. But the one contrary opinion of the single “expert” that happened to align with his false claim that marijuana was an evil and dangerous drug that needed to be outlawed and guarded against… that he allowed and presented for public consumption. Aided by yellow journalist newspapers and publishers, such as William Randolph Hearst’s publications, the media of the day ran with this sensationalized version of what marijuana was doing to America.

Very rapidly Anslinger had his Bureau prepare a legislative strategy to lobby congress to place marijuana and its distribution under federal control… control that he would head.

He then embarked upon a major media campaign across the country against pot that said… “By the tons it is coming into this country, the deadly, dreadful poison that racks and tears not only the body, but the very heart and soul of every human being who once becomes a slave to it in any of its cruel and devastating forms… Marihuana is a short cut to the insane asylum. Smoke marihuana cigarettes for a month and what was once your brain will be nothing but a storehouse of horrid specters. Hasheesh (sic) makes a murderer who kills for the love of killing out of the mildest mannered man who ever laughed at the idea that any habit could ever get him.”

Eventually Anslinger turned his “pot is akin to a poison” to America campaign to a personal crusade to rid the America of all drugs.

The final nail that drove home his argument to legislate against marijuana was racist in its nature.

He started a campaign that said Black and Hispanic people were the ones who used marihuana most frequently. And when they imbibed in the hellacious herb it made them “forget their place in the fabric of American society.” He also said that using pot lead to and promoted interracial mixing and interracial relationships.

In fact, just the use of the word… marijuana… was part of his disinformation and propaganda ruse because before Anslinger came along with his lies the drug was commonly called cannabis. But, marijuana is a Spanish word and is more likely to be linked with Mexicans and illegal immigrants.

Like the saying goes… there is no nothing new under the sun.

Anslinger did this to do exactly what Trumpty and his allies are trying to accomplish today… i.e., tap into the anxieties of the dominant culture in society and use them to create discord and division where there really is none to an overall goal achieved. In Anslinger’s day the Great Depression needed every excuse it could find to turn attention away from its real cause… rampant and runaway capitalism and profit and greed of the bankers and the 1/10 of the 1 percent over the good of all the people. Anslinger’s racist rhetoric… the evils of marijuana and its associations with minorities and immigrants…  fit in nicely with the fears of the white disenfranchised, the out of work and poor in America in the 1930s.

His influence and his propaganda campaign played a major role in the introduction and passage of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, which outlawed possessing or selling pot.

Anslinger testified before Congress in hearings for the Marijuana Tax Act and his testimony revolved around his racist and false arguments that marijuana was an evil that needed to be regulated and outlawed. He even went so far as to read before congress a letter from a newspaper editor in  Colorado that said, “I wish I could show you what a small marihuana cigaret (sic) can do to one of our degenerate Spanish-speaking residents.”

All these years later, many of the threads in Anslinger’s arguments are still present in the American conversation about legalizing marijuana. The act was passed in 1937, and the rest, they say, is history. This shows how systemic racism and lying is regarding our past AND current drug laws. It also proves what a complete asshole our present AG… Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions… is as he even now tries to wage war on people who want to use marijuana either for medicinal reasons or for social reasons.

The original war on pot was begun because an opportunistic bastard was about to find himself out of a job and needed a way to rationalize keeping his position in one manner or another. So he used his lies and subterfuge AND racism to create a scourge and a threat that American white society needed to be protected from… when there simply was never any need for protection at all.

Hey you, get off of my cloud!

Sessions reverses Obama-era policy on marijuana, unleashes prosecutors

Last Thursday Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a surprise announcement that set new protocols for federal prosecutors to use their discretion to pursue prosecutions of criminal acts involving marijuana. Sessions announcement effectively chipped away another brick from the Obama presidency’s legacy as it reversed a 2013 memo that was written by the then Deputy AG James Cole in 2013 after Colorado and Washington voted to decriminalize marijuana for recreational use. Essentially the memo said that states where marijuana was legalized it was up to the discretion of prosecutors to make sure the distribution for both medical and recreational marijuana was being distributed with adherence to keeping cultivation distribution and sale from any criminal element and out of the hands of young people.

Sessions new directive pissed off not only lawmakers in the above-mentioned states but also lawmakers in eight other states plus Washington DC whose voters have since decided to legalize recreational and/or medicinal marijuana use.

And the anger is from both the elephants and the donkeys… and it is mostly the elephants saying,”Do not even think about touching my cash crop!”

Charlie Baker, the elephant Governor of Massachusetts, said Sessions directive was “the wrong decision,” and said his office would “review any potential impacts.”

Nevada’s elephant Governor Brian Sandoval told The Daily Beast that he believed “Nevada’s marijuana industry is a model for other states.”

Alaska’s independent Governor Bill Walker, said Sessions’ policy decision was  “disappointing,” and he was “committed to upholding the will of Alaskans on this issue and maintaining our State’s sovereign rights to manage our own affairs while protecting federal interests.”

Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) threatened confirmation of future Department of Justice staff  when he told reporters, “The decision today blindsided me and many others who were under the belief that this wouldn’t happen. If the Department of Justice wants another nominee confirmed, they better fix this.”

Colorado’s donkey Governor John Hickenelooper’s office told The Daily Beast, they were given no heads up about the decision.

A spokesperson for Washington’s donkey Governor Jay Inslee told The Daily Beast, “Not sure what drove the timing on this for today,” and that the Session’ memo was being reviewed.

California elephant Rep. Dana Rohrabacher delivered the most scathing statement by saying, “The attorney general of the United States has just delivered an extravagant holiday gift to the drug cartels by attacking the will of the American people, who overwhelmingly favor marijuana legalization, Jeff Sessions has shown a preference for allowing all commerce in marijuana to take place in the black market, which will inevitably bring the spike in violence he mistakenly attributes to marijuana itself. In California, we decided it was best to regulate, not criminalize, cannabis,”

And California’s donkey AG Xavier Becerra released a statement to The Daily Beast, saying. “Unlike others, we embrace, not fear, change. After all, this is 2018 not the 20th century.“

The new policy also comes as the commercial marijuana market is exploding upon the sense of all the states that have legalized marijuana, especially the six… Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Alaska and most recently California… that now allow the sale of recreational marijuana.

Ahem… this move is really a lot of sound and fury that will simply amount to not a whole hell of a lot.

As long as the marijuana industry is fattening up the coffers of each states and providing funds to help pay for each state’s promises to provide for their electorates’ common good… to pay for the budget plus leaves  a surplus… it is a no-brainer… states that aver legalized pot will fight the Feds tooth and nail against touching their new found riches.

Besides   the more middle class and upper class white folks who imbibe in weed… especially the conservative ones… the more the pressure will be put upon the Justice department to STFU about weed unless it is to say they advocate it being legalized.

The bottom line is you do not fuck with anyone’s… including any state in America…ability to put food on the table and money in thier pockets so they can purchase needed goods and services plus a little extra scratch on the side for whatever comes down the pike.


One more thing…

Vote like your life depends on it… because it does…

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