Movie Review: Sinister 2

I enjoyed the original Sinister, but not really sure where you would go with the sequel, or if I really wanted one. I thought the original was slow, but I do like some old movies, so if the juice is worth the squeeze, I’m fine with it. The question is what to do next, and Sinister 2 goes the opposite direction of the first one. They went into how the children get recruited to the Sith. The bulk of the movie is about the family of some chick who is on the run from her (abusive, of course) ex-husband and she is found by the Deputy from the last movie who has been burning down the houses of all the former victims trying to stop the murders and contain Bughuul’s power.

Bughuul is already contaminating the twins of the woman when the Deputy shows up, and she’s not really into what he tells her, and doesn’t believe him. She wants to run off, and he makes her stay in the house. So we have a nice little run around as the Deputy is looking for more evidence, Bughuul is trying to corrupt one of the kids, the woman is trying to act, and the ex-husband is stopping at nothing to get the family back.

So how is Sinister 2?

Well, the original was slow. I mean REALLY slow, but I do kind of like that. The sequel doesn’t slow down as everytime we get away from the mothers storyline, we go to the kids, and to be honest, that’s what I care about. The issue is the kids storyline is the weakest if you just watch them, but they show a whole bunch of 8mm killings of the other children’s families. I will say some of these are just damn awful, and this is coming from a guy who loved the SAW series.

I have a few problems, but I’ll give you a spoiler tag warning, but the ending is what does hurt the movie a bit. The first movie is all about the setup, and then the scary ending that doesn’t answer all the questions leaving a bit of a poor taste, then the second one where we get stuff from the kids side, we get more depth of what we already knew, but still no more information that we want.

Let me be honest- does Bughuul get power from the kids killing the parents or does he absorb them being evil and he just takes the kids to keep feeding him or does he eat the souls of the kid’s parents and thats why he has them killed? Anyone? Does anyone have that information?

That being said, the kills are entertaining, the children are well done, and getting back to the adults storyline, I just don’t care about the momma, I don’t care about the abusive ex-husband who might as well have shown up wearing a wifebeater with a face tattoo or something. I am waiting for something important to happen, and I feel a little teased here, and not in a good way. The problem with having two storylines like this is the pacing is always off. A better hand at the throttle might have helped, but on the second viewing it does stand out.

So bottom line, if you enjoyed the first one, and I did, then this is a fun little movie that needs a better ending. I’ll go 6 here. If you didn’t enjoy the first movie, then I would avoid this one. I will be looking for the third one if it comes out, and I would like get a solid ending this time around. You can confront Bughuul without killing a franchise, it’s been done, and done well, and I’d like to see it done in the third one and get some questions answered.

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