Season Predictions: The NFC Results.

So lets take a look at how I did in predicting the NFL season. As always, I give myself 2 games +/- on the win/loss record, and I’ll copy over the jest of what I thought was going to happen. Sadly I didn’t hit all 32 teams in the same depth, so some of these are deeper than others.

Arizona Cardinals

What I Said: The draft hit a lot of good spots, Reddick is going to start, Baker is going to learn and play early and often and there are two offensive linemen that should be in the rotation eventually. I don’t quite get the Chad Williams pick, another O-Lineman or Defensive Lineman should have went here.
The Cardinals are going to live and die on that line. If Palmer plays all 16, this is a playoff team, if he gets beat up, then they are going to looking for a new QB with a top pick in the draft.

What Happened: I think I nailed that one.
Reddick did get 3 starts, but was a bit ineffective for a first rounder, and Baker started 7 games and made the Pro Bowl for special teams. Chad Williams caught 3 more passes than I did.
The David Johnson injury hurt more, of course, the the offensive line did let Palmer get beatup.
But I absolutely got the 8-8 record I predicted.

Team: 2-1
Record: Nailed it.

New York Giants

What I Said: Somehow I get the feeling that the Giants are not for real. Stopping them from scoring doesn’t seem to be that hard. Scoring on them is the problem. This isn’t basketball where I can make the Small Forward beat me. I can’t run inside and I can’t run outside, I can’t throw deep or over the middle. Outside of trapping off a linebacker or spit a tight-end out there, how do you exploit the middle when there is so much speed on the back-end? I can’t throw to the running back 20 times. I have to have a dynamic WR that can win once or twice and/or a QB that can thread needles. 7-9.

What Happened: I expected a major league defense, and even gave praise to Landon Collins and Eli Apple, not seeing what was common, both Earl and I didn’t see them as a playoff factor, and I pegged them at 7-9. I didn’t forsee them being 32nd in defense. Damn. They finished 3-13

Team: 1-2
Record: Miss

Dallas Cowboys

What I Said: I think Dak is going to have more problems than last year, as there is a TON of tape on him now, and there are two defensive coaches that has already faced him twice. I do think this comes down to that secondary. Teams that can run and pass might be able to keep up with that offense, and if they have good special teams, they might be able to pull away.  10-6.

What Happened: Dak did have a worse year, but thats like saying Cleveland won’t make the playoffs. Of course, I also predicted the O-Line wasn’t going to be as good without Doug Free. Hit that easy mark too. I constantly pounded on the secondary as the reason they were going to have issues all year. They actually ended up 11th on Passing Defense, but 9-7 so I was a game off.

Team: 2-1
Record: Hit

Philadelphia Eagles

What I Said: Everyone is loving the Giants as the Cowboys challenger. I am seriously thinking Eagles.
They have a good coach, serious weapons who should all be motivated- hopefully they don’t get the Pats version of Blount- and a defense that is solid, but not stunningly so, outside of Cox, but lets keep in mind this was the 12th best defense last year.  Blount does not hit 1k, take off 3-4 wins. 11-5

What Happened: Nailed the Iggles as the challenger with a 13-3 record. Blount didn’t come close to 1K, but didn’t hurt the records. The defense was still great.

Team: 3-0
Record: hit

Overall 8-4 on the Team, 3-1 on picking the record, nailed 1.

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