NFL Wildcard Predictions!

Last week we all got the Lions, Vikings, Pats, and Missed the Saints and Seahawks. Quite a few people went for upsets, so we did get people picking the Titans, Browns and Giants.

As for the Standings:

Archie Bill Chad Dan David DJ Joe Steve Todd
Totals 0-0 7-9 8-8 6-9 7-9 7-9 10-6 10-6 12-4
Season 27-18 156-98 145-79 136-85 160-94 155-99 159-95 146-92 165-88


So David and Bill’s attack toward the top ended just short, and Todd closed out Week 17 as the champion of the week and overall. Todd’s 65% hit rate ain’t too bad, I must say.

Onto the Playoffs!

Bills vs Jaguars

Steve: Bills over Jaguars. Maybe an upset but the Bills are playing great right now, while it appears that Jacksonville has been struggling as of late. I like the Bills in a close game.

DJ: Bills

Joe: The Bills are lucky just to be here and will capitalize on that luck. They beat the Jaguars because of Bortles mistakes… 16-14

David: The Bills are just happy to be here, and I think they are going to throw a scare into the Jags. The problem here is there is an LSU running back that the Jags can turn around and hand the ball off too and give that defense time to rest. I would fully expect this to be a 3 yard and a cloud of dust offense, and I think that is good enough to get past the Bills. 21-10

Todd: Jacksonville over Buffalo. Buffalo is even lucky to be here. In my opinion they shouldn’t be here.

Chiefs Vs Titans

 Steve: Chiefs over Titans. The Chiefs are rested and are playing at a level like they were at the start of the season. They have playoff experience and are at home. I think it could be a long day for Tennessee.
DJ: Chiefs
Joe: The Chiefs are just the better team and have the home field advantage. They will outscore the Titans 28-14
David: The Chefs have to be happy they are not getting the Chargers here, as I would be taking Rivers over them. I’m not sure the Titans match up very well with them, and I don’t think Marcus Mariotta can stay upright long enough to do much damage. I have little faith in the Chefs, but I’m taking them 24-14.
Todd: Chiefs over the Titans. Alex Smith needs this win to prove that he can win a playoff game and that he is more than just a game manager.
Saints VS Panthers
Steve: Saints over Panthers. Had this been in Carolina, I would have gone the other way. The Saints are 2-0 against the Panthers this season and they are very tough to beat in New Orleans.

DJ: Saints

Joe: Saints will go undefeated for the season versus the Panthers. It is close, but Saints prevail in the Dome… 24-18
David: Panthers are my team, Saints the wifes team, so someone will not be happy in my household. I have a hard time thinking Mike Shula can do anything with his Madden ’95 playbook to stay on the field long enough to give the defense a rest after chasing AK all day. I think it’s close, and still taking my team in a late rally. 27-24 – Riverboat Ron shows up for another day and says Nah, I think we should send the 6’5 QB over the RG on fourth and inches from their 40 instead of yet another swing pass where McCaffery has to get 5 yards after the catch to make a first down.
Todd: Panthers over the Saints. The Saints beat them twice in the regular season and as you all know know it is hard to beat the same team 3 times in one season no matter where the game is played. I think the Panthers find a way to get by the Saints in this one.
 Rams Vs Falcons
Steve: Rams over Falcons.I was not impressed with the offense of Atlanta last week in the win over the Panthers. Ryan has never won a playoff game outside of Atlanta, and that doesn’t change this week.
DJ: Rams
Joe: I really want to pick the Rams here but I just can’t. Falcons find a way to eke out a win late… 21-18
David: The Falcons offense has been a mess this whole season, and Matty Ice is back to being a better version of Matt Stafford, so I expect the Rams to tee off on Freeman and shut them down (Hey Atlanta, Mike Shula! Think about it) and Goff gets a convincing playoff debut. Rams 31-13
Todd: Rams over the Falcons. Rams are clearly the best team here with the Falcons being inconsistent all year.

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  1. Hey, hey, hey… not for nothing, but I did get 159 wins which was 1 game behind second or better known as 3rd place.

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