NFL Prediction Results: AFC EAST

So lets take a look at how I did in predicting the NFL season. As always, I give myself 2 games +/- on the win/loss record, and I’ll copy over the jest of what I thought was going to happen. Sadly I didn’t hit all 32 teams in the same depth, so some of these are deeper than others.

Buffalo Bills

What I Said: This team is not going to win 7 games this year. They will be better on the field, but I’m not sure that is going to mean more wins. Is Tyrod Taylor the answer? With a 3 to 1 TD to INT ratio I can live with it. 5-11

What Happened: 14 TDs and 4 picks the Bills can live with as they sign up for playoff tickets. I blew the record, of course, but who didn’t. I did talk about how Sean was a monster hire.

TEAM: 2-1

Miami Dolphins

What I Said: The Dolphins are expected to start the season with almost everyone back in the starting lineup, but Cutler and Thomas are the fun ones. Case hasn’t seen Cutler in a long time. If they can recapture the magic this could be a good year.
7-9 won’t make anyone happy, but playing such a harder schedule will give them hope for next year.

What Happened: Tanny is back as the 2018 starter per Gase, so I did say he’d be back, I also said I didn’t trust Jay Ajayi, who is gone. I do think they have more hope for next year, even going 2-3 in the last 5 and 6-10 overall.

TEAM: Hit 3-0

New England Patriots

What I Said: the Pats went out and got Brandin Cooks, the wife is a Saints fan, and let me tell you, draft this guy early in fantasy, if he stops his whining.  I think Gillislee is going to emerge as the primary back. I’ll take that Pittsburgh game as the only loss. 15-1.

What Happened: Cooks was the top wideout, only behind Gronk, but 65 catches for 1082 yards and 7 TDs isn’t as good as I expected, and he did cost me in fantasy, but still far and away the best NE had. Not so with Gillislee, as he got almost half the useage Lewis did. They did got 13-3, but won the Pitt game.

TEAM: Miss 1-2

New York Jets

What I Said: The Jets start off with Buffalo and that could be the only AFC East win. I don’t see them getting any wins from NFC South. So 2-4 wins are the range, but I’m going 2-14 for the J-E-T-S this year. I don’t think Todd Bowles survives the year.

What Happened: Jamal Adams played all 16 games, had 83 tackles and forced two fumbles to go with 2 sacks. He was a beast back there. Josh McCown was all of 5-8 as a starter, with a 2-1 TD to INT ratio, and actually had one comeback.

TEAM: 1-2

Overall 7-5 on the Team, 2-2 on picking the record, nailed 0.

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