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Hey there wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. I hope you all had a very Happy New Year, and have sobered up enough to join us this week for some great questions to answer today. This week we will dive in to the Royal Rumble which will take place later this month.

1.Braun Strowman

Another beatdown for Braun Strowman on Raw last week. He appears to be well on his way once again to become the Universal Champion. Can he make it happen this time around?

2. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns had a huge victory on New Years day in a successful title defense against Samoa Joe. What’s next for Roman? The Royal Rumble perhaps, and a date for the WWE Universal Championship?

3. AJ Styles

Its not often you see the WWE champion pinned in consecutive weeks. However, despite the how, AJ Styles has lost to both Owens and Zayn on Smackdown LIVE. Is the champion vulnerable heading into the Royal Rumble.

4. Sami Zayn

Perhaps the biggest win of Sami Zayn’s career. A victory over WWE Champion AJ Styles propels Sami Zayn into the WWE title picture.

5. The Usos

After successfully defending their Smackdown tag team titles over American Alpha 2.0. The Usos appear to be the team to beat in 2018.


With the Royal Rumble coming up in the next few weeks. Give me five superstars that you would consider to be the odds on favorites to win the Rumble event.

Steve: The obvious choice here is going to be Roman Reigns. For the most part, the WWE seems keen on having Lesnar vs Reigns at Wrestlemania. So he would be my first pick, Shinsuke Nakamura would be my next choice as I think he will be the one facing off against AJ Styles at WrestleMania. Other wild cards I think would be a top choice would be The Miz, as he is making his return and I think is destined for a main event run. I could see Braun Strowman entering is as a surprise if he does not win the Universal title and he beats the holy hell out of someone who is about to enter. Finally, I will say Finn Balor. He is another wild-card, never lost the Universal title, and made it known that he wants his shot back.

Frosh: I think the number one odds on favorite is Roman Reigns, as much as it pains me to say it is true.  If it is not him, then it would be a Smackdown star like Shinsuke Nakamura who could be the first Japanese wrestler to win the Rumble.  After that, I would put my money on Finn Balor, with the revival of the Club, he looks like he is on an upswing.  At 4th and fifth, I will have Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman (Whoever loses the title match – assuming the men’s rumble closes the show)

Chad:  I think Roman Reigns eventual entry would make him an odds on favorite to win it all given the rumored match with Brock for the Belt at Mania. In that light I could see somebody like a Finn Balor or SHinsuke Nakamura winning that match to guarantee a match against AJ at mania for that title. I also wouldn’t be shocked to see Orton or Cena win their 3rd rumbles to go n to the show of shows.

With the first ever womens Royal Rumble, who do you think comes out the winner of the first ever Rumble event for the females?

Steve: Asuka has to be the odds on favorite to win it as she is likely going to face off for the Womens title at Mania. Ronda Rousey is rumored to be apart of the Rumble and I could see her winning it to face off against Charlotte. Others would be Natalya, but I think her run is nearly done, Nia Jax as she is the biggest one in the bunch, and finally one of the Bella Twins as I think they are about to return soon.

Frosh:  I would have said the only answer that makes sense here is Asuka, however they look to be putting her in the title picture early, and she may even get a shot at the Rumble.  Since this isn’t the time for her to lose, I will say she will be women’s champion by the time this rumble happens.  So, if it isn’t her, a surprise entrant like Rhonda Rousey gets the nod, setting up an epic WrestleMania showdown.

Chad: My bet is going to be for Asuka I think she can enter the match and dominate and go all the way.

As we stand right now, who is the odds on favorite to win the Universal Championship match at the Royal Rumble?

Steve: I think Lesnar will end up winning, but it should be Strowman. It is the perfect opportunity to put the belt on Strowman without making Lesnar look bad and take the loss. Lesnar will win because they want to set up Lesnar vs Reigns again.

Frosh: As it stands now, I still think it is Lesnar, as WWE seems dead set on Lesnar/Reigns headlining Mania.  I want it to be Strowman, as I think the belt needs to be on the show every week, and defended regularly, but as with the Rumble, what I want, and what makes sens, is never what WWE creative does.

Chad: To me it has to be Brock, I think he is destined to main event Mania as Champion

Agree or Disagree: You are excited to see the Miz return to Raw next Monday?

Steve: I agree, and I think he may actually turn face in the process. I think he will get pissed off that his Miztourage joined forces with Elias in his absence, and he will start a feud with Elias, with Elias being the heel. They could also pull off the heel vs heel deal, but Miz is popular and about to have a kid, so I could see a face turn for him.

Frosh: Agree.  The Miz, is week in and week out, one of the best performers on television.  He uses it as a catchphrase, but the Miz really is Must See Television.

Chad:  I guess I am; my feeling is I just want to see what his plans are going to be going foward.

Who do you think will win the United States Championship Tournament?

Steve: I think it has to be Bobby Roode or Jinder Mahal. You put the belt on Roode because he is the Glorious one and has a lot of momentum, and is over with the crowd. It is a perfect time to get the US title on a face for a change. You could use Mahal as they may not want to bury him after his loss of the WWE title. This would be a good time to put the belt on someone not American that has worked before. Plus, Mahal deserves it as he has come into his own as a solid performer.

Frosh: Again, the only thing that makes sense is Bobby Roode.  So that is probably what won’t happen.  I swear, if WWE puts the title on Woods….sigh….I can see putting it on Mahal to make Roode chase some more, setting up a big WrestleMania moment, but it should still be Roode winning.

Chad: My pick to win the tournament is Bobby Roode which I think brings Dolph back for a unification match.

Wow for the first time in maybe ever, everyone on the panel agrees for the most part. Thanks for checking us out this week.

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